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  1. I did a fish in cycle by mistake as well and my fish made it! So I know you can do it! Goodluck
  2. Really? ! But the little one is to small... should I do anything?
  3. http://youtu.be/P20fdYfSKhU This is my first video upload so I hope it works. So for some time now I've noticed MOJO (my red and white gf) bullies my small ranchu (whom remains nameless) I can't decide on a name honestly. MOJO shoves him around with his head allot. Usually around meal time. The little guy seems to take it alright. I haven't seen any injury. But I do feel bad. What do you guys think? Sorry for my heavy breathing im sick..
  4. I feed my Goldies the saki-hikari pellets daily so your all good as everyone had stated. Are alge wagers actually okay for them? My goldies won't nibble at lettuce leaves or spinich.
  5. I love that dance too! Haha, that's fantastic that your fair new to having gold fish! Enjoy every moment of the learning process I'm in the same boat!
  6. That touched my heart, thank you. You are quite lucky to have such a golden moment. This forum is really truly amazing.. and that's because of all of you amazing people who come visit every day. I'm so happy I've discovered kokos
  7. I'll definitely check the hard ware store for the pp. As I said before online shopping is not a portion add of right now haha... long story. It's looking like a good old fashion QT is in order for now. I've been reading on using a very diluted bleach solution... maybe I'll try on a small portion of my duck weed... it was fairly cheap .50 cents a scoop at my lfs. Haha I'm defiantly Ganna do what you did jenzaar thanks for sharing that tip! And its pretty rad it came from a pet store associate. Thanks for the via lisaCgold I love her videos!
  8. That is so neat! What a great idea! I'll definitely invest in a net like yours... haha yeah I can't believe I was thinking my under water pigs arnt Ganna eat all of these. Lol! Well I think I'll just quarantine that duck weed for now. I'm trying to avoid online purchasing right now... is there no other way to clean the plant? Could I use prazi? The same stuff I use for new fish?
  9. No I don't have a net or potassium permanganate. Where would I get this pp? Is it common? And would my goldies eat it all?!
  10. So I bought some duck weed from the pet store... I'm aware you guys advise to do a bleach dip for snails and such... but it's that okay to do with duck weed? I haven't put it in my tank yet.
  11. Thank you! Yeah she was very happy! She made quite a nifty turtle habitat with it. I do plan to go back to the 75 gal tank. . As soon as my living situation is more permanent. I move allot due to work. . 40 gals is much easier to move haha
  12. I hope someone can help you! I'm still not quite good at sexing fish yet. Nor have I had this issue yet.
  13. I got hand made gold fish pj pants for Christmas! Those types of gifts the absolute best gifts ever!
  14. That's truly the best feeling knowing our care & efforts make a difference!I'm glade I'm not the only one who deals with Debbie downers! And that's awesome that your goldies inspire you to keep going on with your gold fish tank! They are pretty tough fish at times to care for but in the end its always worth it! I also also adore hand feeding my goldies! And watching them grow is the absolute golden moment
  15. That's truly the best feeling knowing our care & efforts make a difference!
  16. I also also adore hand feeding my goldies! And watching them grow is the absolute golden moment
  17. Awe I'm glad you're dad finally appreciated your hobby and pets! That's fantastic!
  18. That's so amazingly sweet love it!
  19. Sad but true... it breaks my heart trying to explain to non-aquarium hobbyist that fish are animals like dogs and cats... and they require certain care standards... Especially for gold fish.
  20. So amazing! Thanks for sharing this! It really made my day
  21. So I thought it would be fun to hear some of your most golden moments of keeping gold fish! Mine would be when one day I was in the shower and I forgot to grab the new shampoo bottle I bought which was still in the grocery bag on my kitchen counter. So I quickly hoped out and went to grab it. Now just so you know my bf says he hates my fish. He always complains about the water hoes, buckets, constant amazon fish packages, helping me lift tanks, and in general how much time I put in to the hobby. He's a real Debbie downer. So while grabbing my shampoo... I hear baby talk. "Aww.. look at you!", "Hehe", "cubby chunkers" Out of curiosity I peak around the corner... my bf is freaking dumping cube after cube of brine shrimp into my tank! My gold fish are wiggling and beggin like crazy... workin their magic... ofcourse. I scream ofcourse cause I already just fed them and now I'm freaking out cause I'm wondering how many times he's done this and over protective mama mode just in flames me. But in short is my most golden moment cause watching my bf and goldies interact was priceless! Plus he can't complain any more muhaha!
  22. Checked the tank! Ammonia and nitrite are at 0ppm. And nitrate at a 5! Thanks everyone they love their new home
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