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  1. I contacted the bidders on that auction. I wasn't sure if I should or not, but I would have just felt too bad if it would have turned out to be a scam. I just let them know where to find the original photo and mentioned nothing about my thoughts of a scam. One of the bidders contacted the seller and they got back to them regaurding the photo. This is what they said "Hello and thank you for your question on our auction. The fish shown are not the actual fish, they are the starting seed stock. We sell a very large number of fish on a daily basis, both to local and long-distance buyers, so getting actual photos of the fish for sale at the given time is not only very hard, but very time consuming. Rest assured the fish the winning bidder receives will be nearly identical to those shown. Thank you for your inquiry, happy bidding! S.A.M." Hmmm, I don't think it would be anymore time consuming to stand over your own pond and snap a photo then was to steal one from someone else's sight. It is a shame, it is going to be so hard for new sellers to get an "in" on Aquabid if everyone is going to have to be afraid to buy from newbies. People never cease to amaze me!
  2. I just wanted to give everyone a heads up on a not so honest seller on Aquabid. He is selling Wakin and has taken the photo from Fish Sempai's website. I knew right away it was Andrew's photo cause I spent lots of time emailing him back and forth trying to work out I way I could buy some of his Wakin. I emailed the seller on Aquabid and he never contacted me. I then emailed Fish Sempai and the photo was in fact taken without permission. I don't know if this is another Aquabid Goldfish scam or not. Sad...very sad. Stolen Pic Auction
  3. Oh guys....I had the BEST fish day yesterday!! Beautiful goldies everywhere!! We went to mmm to get some plants for my new tropical tank. Saw an awesome chocolate with red pom poms there. Also some very nice looking fantials and orandas. Then I stopped at this man's house who does a little fish business out of his basement. He's got mostly trops, but he has two tanks of goldies. There was the nicest oranda I have ever seen! He was about five inches with a nice full wen. He was calico and only $13.99. I passed on him cause I really aren't into the calico too much...but he was fun to watch. Lastly we stopped at this old fire trap of a pet store that we haven't been in in years. It smelled horrible in there and everything (merchandise) was dirty and dusty. We almost turned tail and ran out. Glad we didn't cause all their animals looked really well taken care of....with the exception on one Goldie tank that was starting with ich. I went in the back and there were two more tanks of Goldies. Guess what was in them... Panda orandas, Blue orandas, Ranchus!!!! (first time seeing them in person!) and almost every other kind of more common goldie types. With all that excitment...I think I got Goldie overload cause I walked out of there without buying anything...What is wrong with me. I had my eye on this one giant blue oranda but my husband (who is always real patient with me) was hurrying me (he had to pee )) I ususally stare at my perspective fish for about 15 minutes or so to make sure I don't see anything wrong with them (any major sicknesses anyway). I think I'll go back and get him!
  4. Thanks guys. I won't be able to get back to the good fish store until Saturday. The good news is my package finally arrived from vvvv. I got two big chunks of what looks like old tree stumps (they're fake). There is plenty of space to swim through and hide underneath. They are actually being quite peaceful now...checking everything out. Hopefully that will make them feel more cozy! Thanks Kev for the info on the Gouramis...it is always good news to hear that a fish likes company!
  5. Ah great! I'm expecting my vvvv package today. I wish I would have shopped a bit better and gotten some of those shrimp pellets as well! I also had the Mardel test strips in my shopping cart but deleted them at the last minute. Looks like I have to take myself on a road trip to That Fish Place soon!
  6. My husband got me an aquarium for Christmas. This one went in our living room and since he doesn't like goldfish all that much, I decided to go with tropicals...even though I don't yet know much abou them. I bought three Serpae Tetras and was planning one adding some other fish in a week or so (I'm trying out BioSipra for the first time ). Anyway, these three fish are just being horrible to one another. Their fins are getting ragged from them biting each other (check the water conditions and they are fine so I know it is just from thier picking on each other). So, my question is do you think that they'd settle down a bit if I got another Serpae or two (to keep them in more of a school), or are they just going to make any new fish's life a nightmare? I really don't have any decorations in the tank yet...waiting for vvvv to deliver some that I ordered and I'm going to be getting some plants on Saturday. I realize that they may just be stressed from having sort of a bare tank (I have two small pieces of PVC in ther now). ...or is it just thier nature to be this way? By the way, is there any other kind of fish that would be good with these guys? I have a 20 gallon. How would a dwarf gourami be?
  7. I was at a petstore not too long ago that had about five of them. They were all so nice and healthy, but none of them really stood out to me. I guess I look for a special connection Now, since I passed them up, the only other one that I've seen had been really sick and really expensive.
  8. I have used it on several occasions and have always had good results. I have the box in front of me and my ingrediants don't match yours at all. Mine are praziquantel;N-[[(4-Cholorophenyl)amino]carbon 1]-2,6-difluorobenzamide;metronidazole;acriflavine I usually get mine at nnnnnn as it is the closest place for me to find it. Hmmm, that is strange....maybe you should call Jungle labs to see if it is an old box. Thier number is on mine 1-80-357-7104
  9. I just saw something awful. I was at a pet store looking for some minnows. In the tank where they have the 3 inch long koi, there on one in there that was so deformed. His body was normal, but his tail actually came up 90 degrees. It looked like a parascope. Belive it or not, he jetted around pretty good. He was such a pretty white. Now, I can't stop thinking about him. I'm thinking of maybe going back and seeing if they'll just give him to me. What are his chances for a fairly normal life. I'm building a bigger pond in the spring, but I wanted to stick with all goldies. I'm assuming that this guy won't grow very large because of the deformity. What do you guys think?
  10. Ash

    My Betta Is Dying

    Yes, jsrtist, it is the same one. Today now he is not interested in food, not even bloodworms. I think I'll have my husband euthanize him tomarrow. I left one die of old age before because I couldn't bring myself to do anything about it and it took absolutely forever. I don't want to see another one go through that. I was hoping that once he was in more shallow water with no current he'd get a bit more strenght back but he just keeps going downhill. At least he didn't have to live out the rest of his days at Wally World! Thanks
  11. Ash

    My Betta Is Dying

    My beautiful and huge red betta is dying. He just has no strength left and is very old. I took him out of his tank and set up a small two gallon with very shallow water (about three inches) for him. He just lays on the bottem. He'll swim up to grab some food but sinks right back down. He has really frilly fins and they are kind of pulling him on his side when he lays on the bottem. He was starting to become less and less active over the last few weeks. He used to live in my salon and I got to watch him all day at work. He was constantly moving around. Lately he's just been laying on the bottem unless there was food to be had. Now, today he was so tired by the time he got to the surface for the food he sank before he was able to get any (that is why I moved him). He's still managing to eat but I feel bad for him. He is swiming around on the bottem of his new tank now but still only a very little bit. Do you think that I should euthanize him or leave him go for a bit?
  12. Ok, I have a mystery snail...which isn't a Mystery Snail...but a snail that appeared out of nowhere. Can anyone identify him. He's shaped like a Ramshorn, but his shell is chesnut colored with dots on it. His body is white, like my albino mystery snail. I can't imagine where he came from. I did get a Java fern, but I soaked if for like 10 minutes in a bleach solution. Could a snail survive that?
  13. Ash

    Jrstist, Found The Pics!

    It is just the opposite here...all reds and not many blues! I think the real deep blues are my favorite. I had one for about two weeks who committed suicide by jumping out a tiny 1/2 inch opening in the lid. I couldn't belive it!
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