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  1. Nope. I had a few close calls when I first set it up, but I then bought a few rubber red belly black snakes (since they stand out more) and put them around the pond. Definitely keeps natives away, since we have a lot of kookaburras and butcher birds that I was worried about and that I had around the pond before anything was done about it. Haven't had an issue since. Especially in areas you get a lot of natives, the snake trick will work I did try a liner, but it was really ugly and ruined the look of the pond. There's heaps of other methods you can use to deter birds Good idea. Apparently those birds fear being eaten by the snakes. Hope you have success getting your pond worked out. Believe me, you will be tuning and fine tuning for a while. Once you get it all sorted, you will be happy with the accomplishment. There are a lot of really helpful people on this forum and that makes things a lot easier too.
  2. Absolutely! Yes I have. Her garden is incredible. She has helped me understand a lot more about water gardens. In fact, I'm really happy I got back into this after not having a pond for over 10 years. Thanks again.
  3. Thanks, I appreciate you taking the time to answer all the questions I had. I'm trying to get it all planned out now. If I don't get on it before winter, I will definitely get it done in early spring.
  4. Oh boy...here I go again. I definitely want to build this and I may not be able to wait til spring. I do have a few questions though. First, I assume I will have to take my pump out of the skimmer and place it into the bottom of the pond for this system to be properly functional, would that be correct? Also with this system I won't need the filter system I have now at all, because the bog will serve as a waterfall. Would you even use the skimmer with having this setup? The main reason I used a skimmer is because of trees close by.
  5. I actually have 10 goldfish in it. They are all small with 4 of them being single tail at about 2 inches each(not counting tails). The rest are all fans and I would say right around an inch each. All seem to be very healthy and very active. We wanted younger fish so we could watch them grow. We have no desire at all to have any Koi in this pond and I have no plans of adding anymore goldfish. Especially after the points you made about keeping few fish at first. I live in Augusta, GA. We are in the east central part of Ga so, we have a few months of Winter here. I doubt we will ice over but, if we do, it won't last long. Our winter temps are pretty moderate. The bog filter is an excellent idea. In fact, I think that will be a great project for next spring. I just need to do some research and figure out what will be best for me. Would it be best to have the bog filter and keep the filter I have now? Thanks for taking the time to help me out.
  6. That is a cool looking pond. Love the barrel features. Is there a reason why you decided to dedicate half the pond to being the shallow shelf as opposed to having a shelf all the way around? I mean I don't see a problem and definitely not saying you did anything wrong. When I did mine I put larger shelves on one end so I could have large flat stones for my grand kids to be able to sit and view. the other end have much smaller shelves just for plants. I also didn't go nearly as deep as you did so it cut back on my total size. The size of the pond is about the same as your with mine being about 9x9. My shelf is just over 1 foot deep and the deeper part is a little over 2 feet deep. Anyway, I look forward to seeing more of your pond and other ponds on this forum. My only problem is I didn't find this forum before I started my dig.
  7. Sorry for the double post, but I should have mentioned a little more about my setup. I'm using a 2100 GPH pump housed in the skimmer with a bio filter housed in the fall. That may or may not make a difference concerning numbers of fish.
  8. Given your background, you are the person to ask I would think. Not that there aren't other qualified people here. I just happened to look at your Bio. What is the ideal number of fish in a pond the size of mine(750-800 gal)? Or, do I need to count inches of fish per gallon? Does 15 fish sound reasonable to you?
  9. Thanks for the advice.. We are trying to be really careful with the cycling of the pond. I have been keep regular checks on water quality. As of right now we have Nitrite and Nitrate in check and the PH is staying pretty close to neutral even with the relentless rain of late. I was expecting a bit of a crash in PH but, so far it is fine. The fish we have right now appear to be healthy and happy. We intend to keep it that way. So, if I have any problems you guys will be getting questions in short order.
  10. I'm thinking 12-14 fish max. We'll see how it goes. I guess 15 would be right at 50 gallons per fish so maybe that is a good number. I definitely don't want to run into the water quality problems that come with over stocking it.
  11. Here are a couple pictures of my new pond. There is still a lot of work to do as far as landscaping and a bit of rock work. The first picture is before the liner and the last is nearing completion. The approximate size is between 750-800 gallons. It has a skimmer/waterfall filter setup to take care of the nasties. We have added some plants that are native to our area and plan to add a bit more as well as some landscaping around the outer portion of the pond.
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