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  1. Ok I got the rock out with some speaker wire I peeled the plastic out and got the pebble in and now what should I do
  2. Ok I tried to pull it out and I can't and the fish is in a qt tank
  3. And I have 10 gallon tank with a betta in it can I switch them and make sure the water conditions are right
  4. My ph is at 7.6 and I did a 50 percent water change a while ago
  5. I tested the water a while ago the ammonia was very little 0.1 because I am using a sponge filter that was running in my betta tank and I got a new filter for the betta yesterday in the mail so basically it's a cycled filter
  6. Will sea salt work also and if not how much sodium chloride should I put in the 2.5 gallon tank And can a salt dip help
  7. http://s1381.photobucket.com/user/ravi_singh5/media/Mobile%20Uploads/20140724_134401_44696-1_zps17b53b20.jpg.html well I finally got it
  8. Okay more about my qt fish now it got more active before the small filters current was to strong for it (hang on back filter) the goldfish is about 2 inches including tail I feed it some peas I microwave them for 45 min and took the shell out, but now im worried what's a surefire way that can get the fin rot out without meds
  9. The ammonia level was .20 ppm and I used an api liquid test kit and I did a 50 percent water change AND I NEED HELP BECAUSE NOW HALF OF MY GOLDFISH TAIL IS GONE
  10. The problem with the 46 gallon was that it was cloudy and the ammonia level raised this was a week ago and
  11. Anyway it's a 2.5 gallon tank the goldfish is and the main tanks issue has been solved I did a 40 percent change and clean the gravel
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