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  1. Thank you. The measurements are 25"L X 22"D X 24"H. I know everyone here recommends longer rather than deeper, but we fell in love with this type of tank and are not overstocking it. My fish are perfectly happy and healthy in this shape tank, with no swim bladder problems whatsoever.
  2. It is a custom made 57 gallon cube, made by AquaVim (http://www.aquavim.com). We had the tank made and my husband made the stand for it, as we don't like the stands they make. It was $800 for the tank, but it's a focal point in our living room so we made the investment. It's made from very thick glass, with one continuous piece of glass for the front and sides- rounded corners. I bought the sword really healthy from a local store that has an amazing selection of plants that are co2 injected. I'm surprised it's doing so well in my tank because I don't have co2 injection, I just dose with seachem excel, although not on any regular schedule or anything. I also dose some seachem iron once in a while. My lights are not plant specific either, I have 2 Marine Land double brights. I also use flourish root tabs, which I think might be the key because swords are root feeders. Thank you, it's just regular Tahitian Moon Sand. Thank you everybody for the compliments. We spent a lot of money and time on the tank so it's nice that others like it as well. Camo was very tiny when we got him several months ago, it's amazing how fast he grew. He does love to eat, he begs like a puppy dog at the front of the tank all the time. Camo is the male of the tank as he is always chasing Brainy, the oranda, and she is constantly laying eggs. Casper is still too small for that, but I think she may be a female as well.
  3. I've been meaning to post pictures of my tank for a while, but I never get very good pictures. I took these with my iPhone, they're not the best, but at least I'm finally posting them. Whole tank shot Side angle tank shot My oranda, Brainy, eating pellets, with Casper, a butterfly telescope baby. My fantail named Camo I almost took the Amazon sword out, but instead trimmed it back a lot and tied it together with a twist tie to keep it more contained. The grassy plant has gotten huge since I bought it. I also have a small Madagascar Lace in there that doesn't do much, it grows leaves then they die and more grow in. I have a few baby amazon swords that I planted from runners from the big plant, as well.
  4. Prime smells terrible and has black specks floating through it. That's completely normal.
  5. I give them to my goldfish occasionally. Not sure if they're nutritious for them, but it's fun to watch them eat those wafers.
  6. I completely agree with everything you said. I feel that purchasing a sick fish from a pet shop, knowing it's sick, is not "rescuing". It's giving money to people that mistreat living things.
  7. Thanks, that is good to hear. Maybe I just need to increase my water change schedule to every 5 days to keep the nitrates down, it's just convenient to change the water the same day each week
  8. I see their poop, but it is quickly taken up by the filters (a fluval 406 and aqua clear 30). Their poop is brown, about an inch or so long. Occasionally I see air bubbles in their poop, but not too much. My fish are very active, always swimming around searching through the sand (I have tahitian moon sand as a substrate). The fantail does have a habit of sucking air at the top of the water and then swimming down and blowing a bubble, I was unsure what that could signify, if anything. My tank is 57 gallons. The tank and tap pH is the same, I use prime to dechlorinate, and I match the water temp as close as possible, by feel, before filling the water. The tanks temp is ambient at 68 F.
  9. I do not own a scale to weigh my fish. I have an oranda and a fantail that are about 3.5 inches SL, the fantail is heavier though, and a butterfly telescope that is about 1.5 inches SL. I have been feeding about 40-50 Hikari lion head pellets 3 times daily. I also feed vegetables a couple times a week, mostly spinach on a veggie clip, and blood worms or brine shrimp about once per week (which I will skip 1-2 pellets meals when I give these). I change 90% water every week, on the same day, but have noticed my nitrates are reaching over 40ppm. I have many large plants in the tank as well. Trying to find the culprit to the high nitrates.
  10. Thanks for the advice, I LOVE the idea of the wabi-kusa. I'm going to look into doing that with it. I can't leave it partially submerged in my tank because I have no room at the top of my tank to leave it sticking out, I have lights across the whole top of the tank. My tank also has a glass top on it, the plant itself is also a good 18 inches tall. Not really sure how it got so big since I don't have plant specific lights. I have 2 marineland double bright LED's and I use flourish tabs in the sand, occasionally throw some seachem iron in the tank too. I also have some type of grassy looking crypt that has grown immensely, but I like the look of that one better.
  11. I have a huge amazon sword in my aquarium, that won't stop growing. At first I liked it, but now I feel that it's taking up too much space. I hate to take it out of the aquarium and throw it out, but I don't want it in there anymore. I was curious if I could plant in in soil in a planter outside of the aquarium? Or is it strictly a water plant? I was getting mixed answers when I googled this.
  12. yup, I feed both frozen a couple times a week. Mostly looking for another source of vegetable for the fish, they love fresh cooked spinach, but I don't always have it on hand. How about those seaweed sheets they sell at the pet shop? Are they good for goldfish? Although they're pretty expensive for the amount that comes in the package.
  13. I was wondering if any has seen and/or tried this http://www.instantocean.com/Products/saltwater-marine-fish-food/soft-gel-fish-food-supplements/seaweed-herbivore-fish-food.aspx I saw it in my local pet store today that has a great supply of healthy goldfish and fish supplies. I wanted to buy it, but figured I should do more research to see if it is appropriate for a goldfish since it seems to be aimed towards saltwater fish. It was in small individual packets that are already gel (it's not a powder you make into gel food). Thanks for any insight. PS. Are live ghost shrimp good for/ok as a treat for goldfish?
  14. Thanks for the explanation, it was really helpful and so was the link. I guess that's why I was having trouble trying to figure out the length someone was talking about. So when someone is speaking of goldfish and says they have a 3" fish, they're probably referring to body length. I'm going to assume my biggest fish still has a lot of growing ahead of her. She is an oranda with a 3" body and 2" tail, but quite rotund with a big wen.
  15. I was curious how a goldfish is measured. Do I measure from head to end of body? Or head to inside curve of the tail? Or head to very end of the long part of the tail? I'm wondering how much more growth potential my goldfish have based off of the approx. 8" length for fancy goldfish. Since a tail can be a few inches in length, I was unsure if the 8" reference point includes the tail or just the body.
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