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  1. Beautiful fish! I like how his colors mix perfectly
  2. A very cute fish indeed! Congrats!
  3. Thank you! Thanks! He/ She Certainly is! can't wait for him to grow large Thank you for the welcome! Same! may i see pics of them? well, still thinking about it. i'll maybe put a live plant or two (low light plants) in the near future and thanks btw!
  4. Thanks! the Lighting is what's usually sold here in our LFS, i would certainly like blue lighting too though and thank you for the welcome!
  5. Thanks! I think he/she's a ryukin? i'd say the same, i think that it looks kinda neat to me
  6. Thanks! Yes he/she kinda is! he/she searches for food around the tank all the time
  7. Hello, Good evening fellas! well.. as you guys requested. Here are two pics of my Goldfish (Ryukin?, and sorry if the photos are kinda blurred its a camera phone) and a pic of the tank. The tank ( It's kinda bare, haven't really decorated it yet. P.S. I put that Piping on the Filter system to reduce it's flow as it's quite strong for my 30 Gallons. ) Hope you guys like it!
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