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  1. CTRL + Q to Enable/Disable GoPhoto.it
  2. Quarantines going well so far! The Oranda's being more active than before. Have been adding salt to his/her tank and doing big water changes daily.
  3. My Bad! sorry anyways i removed the media from the pond and replaced it with a sponge from the 30G. Thanks! I hope so too and thanks! i'll post some later in the evening. still got classes. Thank you! Yup i have high hopes! and thank youuu! alright will do update this thread often. I have named the Ryukin, Ryu. go figure XD and haven't really named the Oranda just yet.
  4. Well, i just put it in their so it would kinda help the tank's parameters and water quality. Still going to do Big water changes everyday though so don't worry atm, i can't cuz i don't have testers with me atm. my LPS doesn't carry them for some reason, but don't worry as soon as i can look for one in the next one i'll post it here. and currently nope, usually we don't have heaters in our tanks as Philippines is a tropical country and i find it that the water's temp. stays pretty stable. and Thanks! just couldn't resist it.
  5. Well, as stated in the Topic title. I finally got an 8 Gallon tank (Extra tank from my Brother) and used it as a QT for the Oranda that needed to be transferred to my 30gallon Tank with my Ryukin as stated yesterday in my other thread because of Water Quality and over stocking issues in the Pond. I'm Gonna be using this thread for updates and Questions in the long Process of the Quarantine. So any suggestions, and answers to my fairly curious Questions would be much appreciated! and btw, i did put a box filter inside the Tank , got filter media from the pond too to also try to get good bacteria. Would still do Big water changes everyday though.
  6. Resist this urge at all costs! At least, until after 4-8 weeks of successful quarantine. I think I know what you mean, though. You sound like a man of decisive action -- awesome! And apologies, the time difference escaped me. You're pretty wise to get good rest, that's key for everything else. Personally I've made mistakes and also have read about others' disasters when trying to do fish care late at night. Got it! XD wouldn't want to get any more additional problems at the moment! and maybe i guess, i always try to be very effective in everything i do. That's why i tend to ask properly first before getting myself into anything. It's like gathering info. first before taking the plunge, as what's taught in our class about management and marketing. and that's fine! that's what i think so too, and it'd be pretty unwise running around the house so late at night while everybody else is sleeping. XD
  7. Koko's moderators may say it's not perfect, but -- we gotta do what we can, with what we have. Sure, use the 8 gallon tank as a quarantine tank. Start today as soon as you can! fwiw we always use 27- or 30-quart Rubbermaid-type bins, that hold 7 gallons more or less. When there's no filter for the QT you just have to test and change the water every day. Some say (weloveteaching.com/puregold) it's actually better to give a sick fish 100% new water each day! bodoba (is that Una?) already said it about the 29-gallon tank. Water testing will tell you if your fish get too big, because the chemistry will start to fluctuate with wastes going up quickly where they once were stable. Plants can help a lot. Quite possibly you'll never need a bigger tank for just the two of them. First, though, rescue and quarantine the poor Oranda. Sounds as if some salt in the water may be called for right away... Alright! Use the 8 Gallon as QT it is! and it'll be the first thing i do once i go home tomorrow from school, as i have classes tomorrow from 7 am to 3 pm im hoping for the best though for the Oranda! I really feel the Urge to get him/her and put him/her in the 30g. Ohh! Now i get it! sorry if i didn't get it the first time! I hope so though that maybe i'll never need a bigger tank but still I am very willing to upgrade it sooner or later! and Will do! it's already 10pm here though so it'd be best to do it tomorrow. I'm sure he/she will get through the night.
  8. Ohh, so it means that it will really be quite okay for a while? but does it assure that they will grow to their full potential, as long as i follow the 20Gallon for first Goldfish and another 10 Gallon for an additional Goldfish? or the 15 Gallon each rule?. And does this mean that even if they are full grown, just as long as i can keep up the water Quality everything will go well? Well, I've also been leaning to put plants in the Tank but due to budget or funds constraints i still have yet to go to my LPS. XD
  9. Adorable fish! and wow! the tank looks so spacey.
  10. Yup i'll try to get a large container! that's if i get some funds atm. and i Actually found out now that we have a spare 8Gallon Tank lying around LOL! One of my Bro's old tanks. anyways, can i use this as a QT? and if so though. how long can i keep the oranda and my Ryukin in the 30 Gallon Tank? well there is Nationally but not Locally, it's mainly focused on the Northern Island (Main land). Of course, he is my Brother most of all. and *sigh maybe he'll learn sooner or later! thanks a lot for the input btw!
  11. I know but he just doesn't listen to me. *sigh and i think the problem is that too, as some of the fishes in the pond have died recently without any reason. Alright, well i'll try to get some funds to get a QT. Alright, thank you for the much appreciated information! that's if i get the Oranda in time though. I'll be watching him/her closely. but if i do put both of them in the 30 Gallon Tank. how much time do i have before i need to upgrade? hopefully, as i graduate my course i can upgrade but that'll be two more years or so if everything goes well. does it depend on their growth rate? Unfortunately 50 gallons is not an adequate size to house koi and goldfish. Koi can grow quite large, although they do emit a growth inhibiting hormone. Realistically, the koi would be better off in an exponentially larger body of water (the general consensus on here is 300 gallons per koi with 1000 gallons minimum). However, if you've already told him and he has refused to listen, then there's not a lot that can be done about it unfortunately. This thread is in similar vain to yours. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/112854-just-curious/ Oops, Una posted whilst I was distracted. Yes, i'm pretty well aware of that. It's what i think one of the info. I read here on the forums. Sadly though my Big Bro doesn't quite listen to me. Maybe because he thinks fish can LIVE in a small sized tank or pond. He doesn't take in to consideration that they will thrive. *sigh. and thanks by the way!
  12. Thank you! I hope everything will work out though.
  13. I'll try to look for one, all the containers I see here are Plastic and i'm afraid that it may leak harmful substances to the water, and sadly No we don't have something like Craigslist here locally. Anyways i'll observe the Oranda for a while. Thank you all for answering my Question! as long as the container says it is food safe it should be okSent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk 2 Alright, Thanks! i'll try to search for one when i have some funds. it'll be a pretty useful QT.
  14. I'll try to look for one, all the containers I see here are Plastic and i'm afraid that it may leak harmful substances to the water, and sadly No we don't have something like Craigslist here locally. Anyways i'll observe the Oranda for a while. Thank you all for answering my Question!
  15. Alright! That's what i was thinking too. I'm quite afraid that if i put the Oranda in the 30g, My Ryukin will also be put at risk and sadly too though i don't have a QT. don't quite have the Funds to buy equipment and what not.
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