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  1. My nitrItes aren't high. They change from day to day. One day they could test very low, the next they could be a little higher, and then the next, they are off the charts again. I have already done the 50% water change, as per the instructions on the guide I am following, when my nitrItes and nitrAtes went off the charts, so now I'm just waiting for things to settle down. The guide I am following says to keep the tank at 4ppm, and that is what I'm doing. [link to outside forum deleted by DNAlex] This is the guide I'm following.
  2. I started my cycle July 27. I am not using a heater. And I am adding enough ammonia to get the levels to 4ppm, which is described in a guide I am following. My ammonia levels, when I get it to 4ppm are disappearing overnight, but I know my cycle has not finished because I am still getting my nitrItes. I tested today and both my nitrItes and nitrAtes are off the chart. My nitrIte has been fluctuating a lot for the last week or so, so I know it's getting close to being finished. From the sound of that, 2-3 days my tank will be fine without ammonia. Okay, will do! Thanks!
  3. I'm almost at the end of my fishless cycle but I am running out of ammonia. I will have enough to dose my tank tomorrow (I have already added a little bit in today, rationing what I have left), but then I will have none. I have ordered some more from the eBay seller I bought the ammonia from originally (the ONLY place I was able to get ammonia from), and they posted it yesterday, but it probably won't arrive until Tuesday or Thursday. I was wondering, how long can my tank survive without any ammonia being added in, before the bacteria I have cultivated begins to die off and I have to start again?
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