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  1. It happens, my fish are still too small to mess with most of my plants but when they get bigger I'm going to have to come up with interesting ways to keep them in the substrate. You will just have to try different things and see what works. Pots and/or weights seem like a good place to start though.

  2. I like sand, it's easy to clean and the fish look for food in it in a cute way. Although, because of this, it always looks like it's been raining in the aquarium. They make little marks in the sand with their mouths that looks like fallen raindrops or something. So if you want a smooth bottom, you're gonna have to move it around. I personally don't mind the "raining".

    But then again, I used to keep tropicals and the plants have always been important to me so I could never go without substrate.

  3. I was thinking more about their digestion than their tastebuds. I've heard spices and spicy food is bad for most animals and that's why I asked. But if it's been tested it should indeed be fine. :D Sorry for the misunderstanding.

  4. I'm sorry I'm not making myself understood. It's probably me misstranslating "stark" from swedish. Will try to re-phrase.

    I was thinking garlic would be too spicy for goldfish.

    That better? :D

  5. They had it at a pet store in Lansing.

    Someone who keeps fish told me that you could also mince up garlic and feed it to them, is that true?

    Some people have done this as well. :)

    Is it safe?

  6. A little green always looks nice in tanks. Lucky thing your plants haven't turned into lettuce. One of my fish is as uninterested in my greens as they come. But the other one likes to nibble. he/she is still too small to do any real damage to the plants yet, fortunately he/she only likes some of them and they grow back quick anyway. Even tried to "teach" the other one to eat the plants, but it didn't work so well even if he/she did try for a while.

    I really like your piece of driftwood. It looks nice :D

  7. I seem to be lucky as I've gotten a lot of help from my mother. She's mainly dealing with tropicals, and she's a bit oldschool about it, but it has helped a lot when it comes to my fish. I've also kept tropicals before I got into goldfish, so the basics about cycling and such were already there, I just didn't have an understanding about how it actually worked. Simply did what my mother always do. But I admit I really didn't think goldfish would get so big nor have that bad of a bioload when I first started thinking about getting them. I'm glad I read up before I got them (also a habit I've gotten from my mother), If not... I would probably not have 2, I would have 5... And I would have problems.

    The ways people learn things are really interesting. Trial and error, mimicking behaviour or what ever comes more natural to the individual.

  8. I do my water changes with buckets. However, I have a system! I drain the aquarium and carry the buckets to the bathroom (I live in a one room apartment so it's not that far) empty them, and then... My boyfriend fills the tank up again. (the reason I get away with this is because I'm kind of short and it's easier for him to fill it up again).

    Jokes aside, we should probably try to get a python or equivalent, but I'm worried about the faucets so it will have to wait until I have done a lot more research. But by all means it seems to be more helpful than anything else. Maybe you don't hear bad things as often because they're outweighed by the good things?

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