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  1. My boyfriend is the reason I decided to go with goldfish at all. He's really great about it, carries the buckets, shakes tests and all. It's rare that I do a water change without him. I think he would like to have his own tank, with a betta. (Would probably end up being "our tank" in the end, but that is another matter)
  2. I think you should be careful about trying to treat your fish without the support form the Mods. It's a good idea to wait for their approval before doing something, as rushing treatment sometimes can do more harm than good. The Mods are very knowledgeable and you can trust in that they are doing what they can for you and your fish. I know it's difficult to feel like you're sitting around "doing nothing" while waiting for someone on a forum to write in your topic, but it is necessary. Before treating anything, one should generally be sure what they're trying to treat, otherwise one might end up hurting the fish. Please stay calm and wait for the mods to decide the right course of action. It's great that you're doing research, but it would be a good idea to post your findings and get mod-support before starting treatment. I really hope they can help you save your fish. Just give them a little more time to figure things out.
  3. I think this is a good idea regardless of which store it would be given to. Maybe a forum-wide collaboration for a pamphlet would be fun and useful?
  4. Oh wow! They're awesome! If I had the space and didn't live in Viking-land, I would be begging to get a few from you.
  5. I never thought of that. Does kind of make sense though. Hopefully more people will chime in. I like ghost the way she is, she's really pretty in white. Suppose I'd have to rename her if she somehow turns into a sun though. Might be useful for other's who like white fish to be white too.
  6. I'm not sure what I want to feed mine, currently they're on the green Saki Hikari bag. However, I think Phoenix gets a bit floaty on it sometimes. I'm not sure if it's the food or if I was just feeding too much though, it's been a while since the last float. Either way, I would like to try something different to test my theory, but I would like to find something that won't turn Ghost yellow. I suppose I want to avoid any colour enhancing foods, which is unfortunatly fairly hard to find. Any suggestions?
  7. Recommended space for goldfish (fancies) at most pet stores I've been to seem to hover around 50 liters per fish (13 us gallons?). Which is, on the small side. However, most also state that the minimum tank size should be no less than 120 liters (31 us gallons?). There's a well known aquarium website/forum that most stores take their space requirements from aswell as information about the care of different species. Because of this, many stores do offer the same or at least similar information. The downside being that goldfish aren't a high status fish and as such get less attention on the aforementioned site/forum, which is a really good one, just not as great with goldfish as they are with cichlids etc. *I used a converter to figure out the amount of gallons above, I am not sure how accurate it is.
  8. I wouldn't go for a name inspired by the colour as you won't know if it will keep it. But thats just my . You picked it because of the tail, maybe go with something inspired by that.
  9. I'm a huge fan of small-bellied pearlscales as I just think they look healthier than the huge ones. Ofcourse, they might not actually be healthier just because they've got smaller bellies, but I agree with Daniel E's point and therefore I'd avoid purchasing fish with that aesthetic just in case. It just makes me feel better to not get any fish with extreme characteristics. I would probably pass on fish with too much wen or too large eyes etc for my tastes too. I suppose I just feel more comfortable that way. I've got nothing anything against pronounced aesthetics, but extreme is something I wish to avoid. (which is also why I seem to not like most show-fish much) Note that this is in no way something I wish to enforce on others. It's just my personal preference so I feel safer with my fishkeeping. Other's are supposed to do what makes them feel safe.
  10. I like Chai's idea of getting a calico single tailed goldfish instead. They are similar in looks and it would be a really good choice if you are short on space. That way, you won't have to upgrade your tank several times and could just go for the right size right away. It'll be cheaper for you, better for the fish and I'm sure it will give you more joy than keeping a koi that doensn't have the right amount of space. Happy fish, make happy fish-owners.
  11. Because I NEEDED a semi-social fish. I used to get tired of my tanks when I kept some tropicals because cleaning a tropical tank feels like cleaning a painting... It's nice to have fish that will approach you rather than hide or simply ignore you. I like that it took me about 5 minutes before they would eat out of my hand. (They won't leave me alone when I'm trying to get anything done in the tank now though. Although, I suppose that's nice too)
  12. What do the bubbles look like? Are they clear and big or are they small, white and more foam-like?
  13. There aren't really that many places around where I live that carry nice goldfish. I found mine at a NSLFS (Not-so-local-fish-store). In sweden, most aquarists seem to be interested mainly in wild-type fish or cichlids. Goldfish have a really REALLY low status in fishkeeping here, and as such, nice ones are rather hard to find. I'm really jealous of all the nice fish I see online that I can't have. It's rare to find anything else than black moors or orange fantails here, but it does happen. I actually found really pretty blue orandas last time I was looking around.
  14. Oh good. nothing to worry about then as it seems to be stable. Thank you!
  15. Our tapwater has a fairly high pH, is it ok to keep goldfish at 7.8 or 8? having a background in community freshwater fish, I find this really high... what is the recomended range for goldfish and at what pH do you keep your tanks? (I'm asking because I've found conflicting information when looking around myself. And I'd rather listen to you guys at this point.)
  16. You can put them in a floating breeder box (like for guppies) over night once a week with some algae wafers or Repashy gel food to make sure they are getting enough to eat. That's a good idea. Why didn't I think of that?
  17. I do scrub the tank down when I do my waterchanges, but right now I'm the only clean-up-crew the tank has so I suppose that's just reasonable. Might have to stop doing that if I get a snail then as I don't get much algae anyway. I don't really want it because I need it to clean the tank. I want it because they're cute and I like snails. Is there anything I could give if I run low on algae?
  18. Ok, So if I do get one, I'll have to do something about one or two possible escape routes that I found, but that shouldn't bee a problem. What do I feed it? And how do I go about to make sure I feed IT instead of the goldfish?..
  19. Just wondering what experience you guys have with nerites. I really want one as I think they look really awesome and I like snails. However, I'm not sure if I can fit one in my tank. How much waste do they actually produce? And how hard is it really to get rid of the eggs? I've heard it's pretty annoying and I don't want to put anything in my tank that will be more of a pain than a joy. Is it ok to just keep one? or do they need company? Any and all opinions are welcome!
  20. I love the pictures. I like the ones of the moor best though.
  21. My first goldfish are actually the two I have now. I used to keep tropical tanks and just got into keeping goldfish. I get super paranoid about their health though. I got attached so quickly and now I can't imagine being without goldies ever again. I actually got phoenix and ghost since I, for the first time in my life, live in a place where I'm not allowed to have pets with furr. So fish it is!
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