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  1. Every time I see your tank I die a little inside in shame of how my own tank looks. Might just have to kidnap you to redo mine.
  2. Since it's a tank for children I would not put anything in it that is easily stressed. Guppies are a good idea because of that. They're not shy and won't be freaked out by children putting their hands on or in the tank. But my advice would be to not get anything that swims away from you if you move around infront of the tank. Which is easily tested in the store. In my experience, children do better if they get "brave" fish, I don't think they're as interested in delicate and shy as adults can be when it comes to fish. (Also, I'm sorry about my english, I feel tired so it's probably terrible.)
  3. I did get one when I started out. However, I have a fish that will eat the bubbles and start floating when I have it on so I removed it. Which caused the surface gulping and bubble eating to stop. I assume this fish was fed flakes in the store and thought any bubbles on the surface were food. I would however keep a bubble wall in my tank if I could. But only because I think it's pretty. I don't really think my tank need more aeration.
  4. Indeed. it's a fairly good connection so I'm really happy about it. So is the boyfriend (who is the picky one)
  5. Water, electricity, some tv-channels, internet connection and laundry detergent (seeing as the machines dose this automaticly) is included in my rent.
  6. Since I went from keeping tropicals to keeping goldfish I still haven't been able to get rid of my fear of doing too large waterchanges. I know I've killed fish with waterchanges before (unfortunatly, those fish were also my mother's but the larger waterchanges were 100% neccessary that time). With the super sensitive ones, it might not matter much that you try your best to match the ph, temp etc. Sometimes they just can't take the stress of other minor changes in water chemistry. But, I have adjusted so I won't go crazy when doing 50% on my goldfish tank. So far, that's enough seeing as they're so utterly tiny. But I will have to get used to doing larger and larger changes. And I can tell you, I think it's scary. I guess you get used to one way of doing things. I would just never do more than 30% on a tropical tank unless there was an emergency. I'd rather do 20% every day for a few weeks than do more than 30% at once. But with the goldfish, I assume more at once is better than a little here and a little there.
  7. I agree with Alex. Some tropicals are stupid sensitive to changes in the water. And if you keep sensitive fish who at the same time won't produce the same mess that goldfish can, you need to sometimes take it easy with the waterchanges. Make it more gradual and not chock them to death. I also think some people don't like doing water changes. And will want to do as little as possible. With tropicals (and light stocking) you can get away with 25%/week. And some people assume that all fish are the same. And as such, make the same recommendations for how to keep them.
  8. Good thing you said that. Noticed now that I wrote "in" which, ofcourse, I shouldn't have. (which I also know so it was really rather stupid of me) However, isn't it so that the glass is only reflective if you look at it from certain angles and from outside the tank? I mean, if you're in the water it wouldn't look reflective right? (at least, that's what my boyfriend tries to tell me) Anyway, just asking. I have no experience keeping goldfish alone and as such, were just guessing, thinking of possible options. Edit: with options I mean options IF it doesn't work to keep him/her alone. Not before you know if it works or not.
  9. Some goldies like to pick at the snails and their antennae, which will eventually hurt and stress the snail. Have you noticed anything like that?
  10. Thank you (Although, I still think it looks a bit.. Empty. Hopefully when they grow a bit more it will look more complete)
  11. I see.. Well in that case I would just see how it goes. If it becomes a problem and your fish acts up, maybe you could try putting in a mirror? (I have no idea if that works with goldfish or not. Just a thought)
  12. I think if the options are 3 gallon bucket or euthanize... I'd go for the 3 gallon bucket and just do like 3 or more waterchanges every day. But then again, I'm not a mod. So you're not supposed to listen to me about treatments. I'm really sorry your fish isn't doing well.
  13. Maybe it's time to look into upgrading to a bigger tank? If you do, you won't have to worry about not being able to fit a friend for Coral in there. Most goldfish are social creatures. Some do just fine alone though. Maybe you could just try and see how he/she does alone? I assume they can get used to being lonely If not, I think it would be a good idea to get a larger tank before you get an extra fish.
  14. Oh wow! Thank you guys! I have class soon though so I will have to check in later and thank you all appropriately. .
  15. I love blue fish. I passed on the blue orandas when picking out my current fish because I was kind of scared of the "wen thing" Wanted to start with regular fantails. When I get my next tank I will probably see if I can find one. Your fish is really pretty!
  16. This. I recently removed the gravel from my mother's tropical tank (with help from my boyfriend) and it was... an indescribable horror...
  17. A google search for hygrophila comes up with a picture of a "scarlet hygrophila" that looks just like it! Thank you
  18. No, the stem+roots look more like the ones on the swords. I also know it produces runners.
  19. I assumed they were some sort of swords, but I couldn't be sure. It does look a bit like a ludwigia. Why didn't I think of that? So do I. I just hope it will survive (it was one of the plant's I got today) I generally just go by trial and error when it comes to aquarium plants. I just get what I think is pretty in the store and then what works, works.
  20. What's the scientific name for flukes? is it a specific parasite or is it a common term for a bunch of similar parasites? I'm having trouble translating "flukes" to swedish which makes things a bit troublesome.
  21. I went to my LFS today and got some new plants. Thought I would share some of the pictures I took of the tank when I was done playing with it. I know how much you all like pictures! (And hopefully, you won't be able to resist identifying my plants) I have no idea what kind of plants I have. The store where I get them is great but never put decent labels on their plants. Although, finding plants that are labled at all is fairly unusual over here. Thought I'd ask you guys! So, what do I have? Tank Purple/Red thing My favourite plant (blessings to the one who can tell me what it is), some anubias in the background and what I think is dwarf tears? Something Green, Small kind of red thing and the Purple/red thing I have more pictures of the fish, but I thought I would save them for later. I'm more interested in the plants at this point.
  22. Oh why oh why do I live in Sweden? There's no way you could teleport one here? Got some kind of magic transportation spell or something? no?
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