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  1. Must...resist...urge...to squeeze...those cheeks...
  2. Congratulations on the new goldies. That ranchu is sooooo gorgeous!
  3. The wen growth is definitely impressive. Hope he gets chubbier.
  4. Jet will always have a special place in my heart. One of if not the first fish I saw on here and one of my first comments. I always remember Jet. Glad he's doing well and finally came out as a boy.
  5. Oh wow, way too adorable. Cuteness overload. Like the good use of fine china to show them off as well. Great camera work.
  6. The more tails the better. Awesome looking goldie.
  7. I'm sorry to hear one died... Wishing the best of health for the others. They are all cuties.
  8. Congratulations on the beautiful new Oranda. Love that metallic look.
  9. Outstanding work with the light fixture. Looks great on your tank. Your fish are awesome as well. Gotta like big bodies.
  10. Goldfish are too distracting to really check out equipment. I'm sure it will look all right and no one will really notice.
  11. Oh my gosh!!! What a beautiful goldfish. Great looking dress on it.
  12. Thank you, I really appreciate that. This is a great forum to pick up information. I was lurking alot here learning, before I actually decided to join.
  13. you should! PM EastCoastRanchu, our forum sponsor, she's bound to have a calico chu for you! Yes, I contacted her yesterday. I didn't know she was a sponsor here, so I actually first sought her out on ebay. I should have my first goldfish this Tuesday. I'm really excited, but also really nervous. It's time to put the month of studying theory into practice...
  14. I'd been eyeing them off the day before with my Mum, but bought 3 telescopes instead. Mum told Dad and they went and got them. Such a wonderful surprise! Your parents are so charming... I must have them... *insert evil laugh here* muahahaha...muahahaha
  15. Adorable looking Ranchus, guys! Love your calicoes, Helen. I actually finally decided this weekend that my first goldfish will be a Calico Ranchu.
  16. Gorgeous looking fish. I like how in the first pic it look like he's got a red mohawk. My first thought was, "Dude that fish is so punk rock!"
  17. Pickle seems like he's got alot of personality. Beautiful goldies and great shots.
  18. You picked out some great colored goldfish. The Oranda looks spectacular.
  19. FORE! Pearlscales are way too cute looking. Great dad.
  20. Zeus is definitely an almighty looking fish. Cool timeline pics. Love seeing stuff like that. Glad you can visit him.
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