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  1. I managed to forget my password and remembered it about an hour ago >_>

    Does anyone have a Fluval Roma 240? I'm wondering what the layout of the hood would accommodate. I'd assume it'd have the cut out for one canister as the Fluval 306 is provided with it if it is bought new. But is there room for an AC70 (I found them in the UK!) or another canister? I've been saving a looong time and love the Roma aquariums.

    Although a plain glass tank would be so much better, they're so hard to come across >.<

  2. I would not keep any goldfish in there.

    I disagree, fantails are generally longer bodied than tall. If these were Ryukins, the OP would have a problem, but with the height of fantails, I wouldn't be that worried.

    With your dimensions, the pond would be 31 US gallons, which is fine for two fantails, especially since the footprint is actually larger than a 40 gallon. Are you sure it's a 2 gallon bucket and not a 3 gallon?

    Don't fish like to school because it makes them feel safer from predators?

    Some do. Goldfish (carp) are schooling fish but do ok by themselves. But if your fish grew up with another, I personally wouldn't separate them.

  3. Are you working in US gallons or imperial gallons? US gallons are smaller than imperial. 29 imperial are 130 litres, whereas US would be 110, taking about 20kg off the total weight. Sorry if that's a bit confusing, lol. I find most people in the UK think of imperial gallons automatically, but taking care of fish I've starting thinking in US gallons haha. I did have a link to a 29 US gallon (without a hood) new for around £50 but I can't find it now.

    If asking your mum about a new tank, try saying 24 gallons (the equivalent) rather than 29. Also try to have a tank of that size against an outside wall, the wood around these are generally stronger, and I think you can use a board of wood to spread the weight out. You could also decorate the tank to match the style of the house. I have a dad who doesn't really like big tanks, but me and mum kinda sneaked it in :whistle

  4. So I spent my last few months recovering from beginner fish keeping mistakes, and at the moment my two fancies are in a 145 litre storage box. This was a really useful box and I had no doubts about it holding the water. But now I need to move another goldie from a slightly over stocked tank (3 in a 40 gallon) to what'll probably have to be an 80l. My first question is: Are Wilko storage boxes safe? 2nd: How do I reinforce it to stop it bowing?

    Then another question I have (Sorry so many questions, lol): Does anyone have experience with the AquaOne Aquis 1200 external? I was looking into one to use on an 160 litre I'll be getting at the end of the year. The other goldie'll be moved in a 55 gallon with 2 others at some point. Thanks in advance :D

  5. If you haven't got the WCMM already, I wouldn't because they're sub-tropical. Their life spans are reduced in warmer water, and probably won't have their brightest colours. I would find a fish that is more suited to the higher temps of the betta :) I vote some kind of peaceful "nano" fish :D

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