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  1. That was a good idea. As far as my tank, I just did a 95% WC. Now - Ammonia - .25, Nitrites still at or above 5 ppm. So should I do a 95% water change every day or several times a day or what?
  2. Thanks. I cannot find a bookmark to the actual post but I thought someone here posted the link to this page instructions offsite. I only have the hard copy so I do not know. Here it is: [another forum] I will drop the ammonia again and do the water change again. I appreciate your patience!!!
  3. The fishless cycling instructions on this forum say to keep dosing to 4ppm until the nitrites and ammonia zero out overnight. Ammonia does that but nitrites are off the chart for 8 days now.
  4. Yesterday, I did an 80% water change, added dosing ammonia to about 3ppm. Retested this morning: Ammonia - 0 - .25 Nitrites - 5 ppm STILL! Nitrates - 0 -.5 Why are the nitrites so high? How do I lower them if an 80% water change did nothing? Thanks so much for all your help.
  5. Please, what do I do to make the Nitrites zero out?
  6. I really appreciate everyone sharing your stories of your fish ages and cage/diet. I know if I listen to you on this forum my 2 new ones will live to a ripe old age!! Thanks so much for the wonderful posts!
  7. Me, too. I want to say someday that my fish are 5+ years old.
  8. Thanks for sharing. It sounds like progold is a common theme. Strict water changes. I am curious if you change weekly or bi-weekly?
  9. Thank you so much!!! As soon as my Nitrites drop, I can bring them home!!! I will post lots of pics!
  10. OK, Thanks. It is starting to make a little more sense.
  11. Thanks very much for the explanation. Today my readings were: Ammonia - 0, Nitrites 5.0, Nitrates 5.0. I only fed two drops of dosing ammonia and will retest to make sure it is kept as low as you say. What do I do to make the Nitrites zero out?
  12. I did not take these pics but here are the two orandas I just bought. They are due to arrive in 2 weeks. I hope Red and White keeps her pretty markings.
  13. I think all fish are equally valuable in terms of their little lives. But for my house, right now, I love the high end orandas. I can't help it. I drive an old car but have expensive fish! Maybe it is where we are in our lives, too. I have had tropical LFS tanks all my life with inexpensive fish. I've had LFS orandas several times before I found you and semi-knew what I was doing. I've had bettas for like 30 years and still do. But I am at a place now where I just have to have the high-end orandas. I appreciate the look, though I will love them the same as my $6.99 bettas.
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