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  1. The plant on the back left is a hygrophila pinnatifida.
  2. Today was all water changes and a bit of rescaping. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8rRI11wHKoI
  3. My tank maintenance was interrupted but only after I had added 5ml Prime and the first 5 gallon bucket of new water. It's an hour and a half later and I still need to add another 25ish gallons of water. Do I need more dechlorinator or is the Prime I added earlier still working?
  4. Not quite like that ^^ He seems to have calmed down now. The other fish are swimming nearby and he's not nipping anymore. Might have just been getting used to the new tank.
  5. The rocks came from a local yard here in Baton Rouge, The Jim Stone Co. http://www.jimstoneco.com/creekriverrock.cfm They are from the flat river rock bin. I have lots of black ones too with great looking stripes in them. They aren't quite as pretty when they are dry.
  6. I made some changes today so I made a video. Happy to answer any questions or hear any tips/criticism. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=usKEg-jWY0g
  7. Seems more annoying than anything. No damage done I don't think. Perhaps my oranda and moor are females and my ryukin is a male. I don't know.
  8. Those of you that followed my septicemia thread are already familiar with my fish. I replaced the ryukin that died with a new one and I just put him in a breeder box floating on the surface to separate him from the oranda and moor. He won't stop bothering them and nipping at them. It's like watching a nerdy kid try to follow the cool kids around. He swims to the same side of the tank as them and they hurry and swim to the other side. I'll post a vid if he's still doing it after timeout.
  9. No nitrites. TBH I surprised that my ammonia is rising. I tore the media off of a HOB filter cartridge that had been in my planted tank for months. I nearly fell apart taking it off. I stuck it between my foam block and carbon in my AquaClear on this tank. I would have thought with the ammonia in the tap that the bacteria would have quickly spread throughout the filter.
  10. After a few days of fish in cycle I've gone from around .25ppm ammonia to .5ppm. I just primed for the 3rd day and am still using the seachem cycle product just on the off chance that it does anything. I know the prime is knocking down the ammonia but I was wondering at what point the single does of prime wouldn't be sufficient and I'd need a water change? I was thinking of doing one Monday on my day off.
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GS_EsjX2epg I'm thinking of getting some new white sand and filling in the glass bottom areas. I think it'll look nice. Thanks for all the help.
  12. Great info so far. Thanks for all the help. Here is all I can find about BRs tap. http://www.brwater.com/images/pdfs/water_quality_reports/brwc_2012_water_quality_report.pdf
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