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  1. Right. I gotcha. I will go ahead and add some silicone lube to my cart, in addition to the eheim pre-filter/strainer if I can find one. You're a big help, by the way. Just wanted to say that.
  2. You mentioned it being a nitrate factory, which makes sense in general, but when looking at videos on how to clean them, I noticed that there are no little plastic strainers/containers. Do you find that filters without the plastic containers to separate all the media are easier to service, or more difficult?
  3. You don't think that getting the 2217 would be overkill for a 55 gallon? I've heard that there's no such thing as too much filtration, but in the past I've had filters scare the heck out of me and my fish by nearly blowing everyone out of the water because of the output flow lol. That's the most accurate way I could think of to describe it. Like this emoticon, except.. with water blasting me away Or taking a shower in filter rain from output water: ヽ`、ヽ`ヽ(* ̄o ̄*)>ヽ`、ヽ`
  4. Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post. Is this the one you recommended? https://www.amazon.com/Classic-600-Canister-Filter-2217/dp/B00BUFTPA0/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8 There seems to be a lot of different models/ kinds when I type in 2217, and I just wanted to make sure I didn't get the professional series by mistake. If you don't mind me asking, you mentioned you have a spare 2217 and that you're not using it for goldfish- may I ask what you're using it for? and why you would want to service it monthly? Thanks again Edit: Looking at the Seachem Tidal Hob filters and Aquaclear as well since you mentioned them. Do you recommend any certain kinds? I also saw some complaints regarding sand in the reviews. I mostly have gravel, but do have some sand here and there in the tank. Would prefer to have a bare bottom tank, but never could quite figure it out.
  5. I have a 55 gallon fish tank with three young goldfish (maybe two years old) and after struggling to change the media in my Marineland 350 canister filter(old model, not the new one), I have yet again come to face the fact that it is a HUGE pain to mess with it and I find myself dreading the day when I have to do any maintenance/ cleaning on it. Long story short, I'm in the market for a new filter. I like the canister filters because they seem to be the best at keeping water clean, I just can't stand this particular filter. I was browsing around on the internet and found the Eheim 2215 and 2217 canister filters. People seem to like them (except for the poor instructions) and I felt it would be best if I asked you guys first. Are these filters really all that great? Thank you!
  6. I'm going to keep adding pics until i'm sure his eye is healed if that's okay with everyone. Also no one really mentioned much about his other eye(The one that looks like it has a film over the pupil), would anyone happen to know anything about that?
  7. I hand feed all of them The only one that seems to not like it as much is Friday. He's really shy, and doesn't eat a lot. But he's getting used to it. R, on the other hand, I trained him to hand feed when I started noticing how poor his eyesight was before he lost his eye.
  8. It is pretty amazing. I'm just worried because I can't tell if he's blind in his other eye or if he has some kind of an eye infection.
  9. I'm pretty impressed with him healing this fast. Sad about his overall loss of eyesight. So I thought I might show you guys a picture of my Oranda as well but he's too small and fast for me to grab a hold of. I just took some general pictures of little Sebby. It's not relative to this post at all, but I just thought you might like to see him. Just for the sake of.... I don't know. Fishiness. He only loves me when I give him food, sadly. *Sigh*
  10. This eye doesn't look like it's changed a bit however. Before.. A few minutes ago
  11. Alright so I'm going to do a bit of a before and after thing. He's healing pretty fast. I took this next one a few minutes ago
  12. Luckily this wasn't the case with R. Everyone in the tank gets along well. The reason that his eye came out was because it was sucked out, by our marineland filter. The end piece fell off and he was sucked onto it and... yeah. So I know for sure it wasn't another fish. I've been watching the other fish for the past few days, and neither of them bothered with his eye. In fact, I checked this morning, it looks like his eye has already kind of closed up. I'll have to take another picture today. It's an indentation, but not a hole with muscle and tissue exposed like before. Thank you Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
  13. It seems I can take pictures with my phone and perhaps post them through tapatalk. I'll try this today. Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
  14. Ah, okay. Well that makes sense. It could have been, somehow. I just remember his other eye being sucked up to the filter. I guess all I can really do for now is watch him and keep you guys updated on his progress. Definitely don't want his eye getting infected. However, based on looking at my own picture, all I see is tissue and muscle. I don't see any signs of infection. Other than that, I'm gonna take a few more pics today. I do have a final to take today, so hopefully I'll be able to take or post pictures after then. As for today: I checked on him this morning. He doesn't seem to even be phased by the fact that he can't see. He will start swimming around like a shark and get really excited the moment he 'hears' me walk in. I say hear in quotations because I don't know that fish can hear. He may just be able to feel the vibrations as people walk in the room. One thing I did notice is that he tends to bump into things and other fish more than usual. Which is kind of to be expected. I'm gonna feed him really quick (strictly gel food and perhaps some veggies/fruit at a later time) and make sure he's up to eating. I may put a bit of salt in the tank as well before I get too busy. Thank you guys for all your help so far. I appreciate the feedback a lot. I was so worried about him. He's really handling this like a champ. Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
  15. Oh wow I didn't know that. I assumed that most fish sold at pet stores were all kind of the same fish attached with fancy names(May be wrong there. I know they're all different, but I feel like most big stores like that have a couple of secrets.) However, I never thought that buying a bag of fish food that suggested it would 'enhance the color of the fish' would literally do so. Lol. What really threw me off about my fish was the fact that he lost one eye and it resulted in him losing eyesight in the other one somehow. I added about two tablespoons of salt about 4 days ago. Should I add more? and I understand. I can wait for a mod c:
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