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  1. I've always loved the idea of big bulgy-eyed goldfish in bowls, like a cartoon. I tried to adopt a goldfish with the intent to put it in a bowl once, and the lady at the pet store refused to sell it to me. I respect that now. So a bit later, nearly a year ago now, I found myself in a PetSmart on a Sunday afternoon impulse-buying a calico telescope goldie and what I thought then was a very luxurious 5 gallon tank. (It's a Fluval Chi, and, while I know now that it's not right for my fish, it's still pretty. ) I did my goldfish research and learned that I was an idiot, but put off upgrading because of budget and space constraints, and, being totally new to fish, not knowing if it was worth investing too much in if I was just going to end up a fish serial killer. BUT I'm finally moving to a bigger apartment next week (yay!!) and I feel like Ms. Tallulah Fishsticks probably should, too. But I'm incredibly picky and never really liked the look of framed rectangular tanks. I did a whole lot of research on goldfish in biorbs, even the mega-huge ones, and finally admitted to myself that that would be a mistake too. So what about frameless cubes? I've looked at the ones made by Mr. Aqua, which come in 25 and 60 gallon, and some in acrylic that are a lot more expensive and I'm guessing would get scratched up easily. What about company? While I'm trying to make up for past mistakes, is my fishy lonely? I think she'd look gorgeous with a black moor friend, but that means even more gallons, which gets to another concern… Stands? Furniture? I have my 5 gallon on a dresser. After noticing it was starting to leave a footprint on the wood, I stuck a thick bamboo cutting board under it to distribute the weight a bit better. I don't really like the look of the things traditionally sold as aquarium stands (getting annoying, aren't I?). Is it possible that some pieces of "normal" furniture could support the weight of, say, a 25-35 gallon tank (I don't think I'm ready for too much more than that yet)? So I'm looking for help from people who know more about goldfish keeping than I do…both from the standpoint of keeping the fish happy and making me not have to invest in a fishtank I really don't like the look of. Is it possible to keep both of us happy? And is the poor thing's growth stunted already? Will she grow if I get a significantly larger tank? Obviously kind of clueless, but trying to work on it.
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