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  1. Phoebe has died. Thank you to all who offered advice in her previous thread, especially to Helen who helped us both so very much. It seems so incredibly unfair that she was doing so well to only have this happen. I'm so upset
  2. We decided to move her to the hospital tank and when we could get a closer look at her noticed a sore on her side (which I think the guppies have mostly created) and a better picture of what's happening with her gill plate. You can't see it too clearly in the first photo, but the sore looks to have raggedy skin around the outside of it and it's red in the centre. Phoebe is now back in the hospital tank with Prime and I've added some Melafix as well as she seems very stressed... bottom sitting, breathing fast, refusing to eat etc.
  3. http://vid34.photobucket.com/albums/d140/shekhina/IMG_4291_zps4975073a.mp4 I'm not sure if you can see in this video, but the top of her right gill plate looks like there's either some excess slime or skin, or something...
  4. Sigh. I just don't know what to do anymore, it feels like she's never going to completely get better and stay well. This is something like 6 weeks now and I'm pretty over the stress of it all. Phoebe was moved back into the main tank a few days ago, initially all was fine. Then the guppies started picking on her... I guess because she'd been gone so long they'd decided they were boss. Things didn't settle and she became more and more stressed and listless so last night I moved two of the worst guppies out. This morning she's even worse. I can either move the third guppy out, or put Phoebe back into the hospital tank on her own... which should I do? I have a video uploading of her behaviour at the moment... but basically she's bottom sitting and gasping. She's gotten very thin over the last few days and was refusing to eat... she'd sort of try, but then spit it all back out again. I syringe fed her twice yesterday which she took. Is this likely to be yet more illness, or a result of the stress? I have another tank I can put the guppies in to which I will do... but for now should I leave her in the big tank on her own, or put her in the hospital tank on her own? After all she's been through and now this. I'm so incredibly frustrated and upset
  5. Great, thanks very much! I'm quite busy tonight so we'll do a big water change in the main tank tomorrow and move her over after that I shall continue with the Prazi for another week.
  6. Just checking that it is in fact OK to move Phoebe back to her main tank? Is there anything I should do to make the transition easier for her? Also how do I make up the green powdered food for them, please?
  7. Red mark has faded away Phoebe is still eating really well and lots of poo now.
  8. No worries, Helen Phoebe is still doing well, although I wouldn't say the black marks are fading much, if at all, yet. The guppies all look good. Both tanks are in their fourth week of Prazi.
  9. QT pH: 7.2 (or possibly 7... to be honest we can barely tell the difference between these two colours) Temperature: 24
  10. Main tank Ammonia: 0 Nitrites: 0 NitrAtes:0 PH: 7.2 Temperature: 21 About to do the QT tank
  11. Well that's good news that it's healing from something old and not something new! Like we needed anything else to deal with LOL I wouldn't be surprised if it was from the main tank as that is where I saw the ammonia spike initially and I have seen similar on the guppies in the last few days but had put theirs down to colour changing... but this makes a lot more sense now
  12. Thanks so much for the support everyone I am intending on getting one of those API master kits tomorrow that has tests for all those sorts of things, as I'm concerned the one I have now is too old to give an accurate reading (and I've run out of strips). I wont be moving anybody about until it's all sorted, don't worry I'll buy the kit tomorrow and test the tanks and post results up. As an aside, Phoebe has developed some black marks on her tail... almost like it's burnt! The QT has always been very clean so I am not sure what it could be. It popped up yesterday and is still there today, only on her tail, nowhere else. She's still swimming about and eating happily
  13. Phoebe is still doing well and my sick looking guppy appears to be back to normal. How should we prepare Phoebe to move back into the main tank as in getting her used to the different water etc? Also how do I prepare that food you sent me so that I can try them all on that now that medication is over in a couple of days?
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