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  1. Also when you do water changes, do you still use a gravel vaccuum? I mean wouldn't using one suck up all the good bacteria in the substrate if that's where they reside, or do you just bucket water off the top?
  2. When you do large water changes do you still treat the water with dechlorinating drops and products similar to Nutrafin Cycle? I've heard that leaving tap water to sit in the open for a day or two is just as good... is this true? If I'm doing 50%+ water changes in a 50gal weekly all those drops are going to get expensive!
  3. Thank you for the replies! I will definitely try pre-soaking the pellets, and I will find a new home for the pleco as he is a common pleco. As for tank sizes, the only other tank I have is a 50 gallon. I would imagine that's huge for one fish? I could also just sell it and upgrade to a bigger aquarium of course... How do I know how many gallons per hour my filter processes? Also 50% water change/weekly sounds like a lot... I was told that any more than 25% damages the bacteria levels in the aquarium? I'm so new to this and I keep hearing such mixed advice, but the more help the better of course.!
  4. Hello all, I recently began owning goldfish about two weeks ago and am very new to all of this, so pardon in advance if my questions seem somewhat daft I have a small fantail and I'm not sure if he's plain dumb or sick or if he's just being stubborn, but when I feed him he doesn't seem to eat his food (note: I've been feeding him Nutrafin Max pellets for goldfish). I throw in one pellet at a time and wait for them to sink/for him to eat it before throwing in another. Thing is more often than not, he won't make it to the pellet in time or he won't swim up to eat it in case the pellet doesn't sink right away. If I throw in about ten pellets, he'll maybe eat about two of them, but I also don't want to throw too many pellets in there at once as to prevent excess waste. I'm wondering, what is the normal healthy amount for a small fantail to eat on a daily basis? How often should I really feed him per day (I've heard such mixed reviews)? How much wasted food can I allow to accumulate in the tank per day considering how little he eats? Are these feeding patterns normal? Should I switch to fish flakes? Just trying to get this right asap seeing as this is my first time owning fish. (Note: my fantail is in a 10gal aquarium with a small pleco and a penny-sized snail. I use a Marina S15 slim filter and do a partial water change every week. I plan on getting another fantail soon, but I'm waiting for my water testing kit to arrive in the mail first, so for now I don't really know what the exact water levels are, but I've been treating the water according to instructions.)
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