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  1. Could I put 1 tiger oscar, 1 albino oscar, and maybe a pleco in a 70 gallon fish tank? It will have 2 aquaclear 110s. Thanks
  2. I've kept nerite snails with great success and large ramshorns without any trouble.
  3. I do 60-70% water changes every week btw.
  4. Opps, I forgot to add that I have 2 baby albino bristlenose plecos,12 white cloud minnows, and 2 ramshorn snails. I guess I'm really overstocked after hearing all of this.
  5. Would it be possible to put some of the nerites in a 10 gallon i have?
  6. Well it seems all my goldfish are Snail Hunters.
  7. I threw in some small ramshorn snails and the goldfish ate them all. Will this hurt them in any way?
  8. I have 2 29 gallon rubbermaid containers would it be possible to put some of the fancies in them? If so how should I do it.
  9. I'll do that, but how should I move them? Should I just drop them in with a net?
  10. I have 5 small fancy goldfish in my 125 gallon fish tank would it fit the 3 large ones? It has wet-dry filter and is cycled.
  11. I can move the 3 small ryukins to my 125 gallon when they become bigger.
  12. I have a 55 gallon fish tank with the following fish: 3 small ryukins 1 5-6 inch red cap oranda 1 4-5 inch black moor 1 2-3 inch lionhead 2 golden dojo loaches 8 zebra nerite snails 1 olive nerite snail I have 2 aquaclear 70s and the tank is planted. Should I take out some goldfish?
  13. I like to feed my goldfish small pieces of zucchini and cucumbers.On occasions i feed them watermelon
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