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  1. ok i will post tomorow with the information they give me also, will it help to feed my fish a little less for a while? will that make this whole process a little faster? or will the bacteria benefit from the ammonia that my fish releases?
  2. im using strips since they didnt sell dlopper type test kits for gh and kh
  3. i did the tests on my tank not the faucet, should i test the faucet instead? im do not have a water softener since today is sunday i cant call water utility but i will call tomorow to ask them for kh and gh
  4. the alkalinity and hardness test results: alk:180 hardness:0 what do i do?
  5. you said add 2x prime if a+n is less than 1 and and DOUBLE prime if they are equal to or greater than 1... did you mean 4x or where you saying the same amount in a different way? by the way i did todays tests and they were lower than 1 so i just poured twice the prime needed for a 20 gallon tank i will be doing the gh kh tests in a little while for the baking soda
  6. oh i will trust me i feel for putting him in there before i knew what i was doing poor guy must have felt pretty unconfortable these past months... he always seemed happy and healthy though
  7. alright will there be no permanent damage to my fish? stunted growth or sumthing?
  8. i returned the trips so i dont know general hardnessand alkalinity
  9. is it easier to do all this if there is no fish in the tank? i think i can ask my friend to keep him for me for a while
  10. this is a follow up to a thread i made yesterday about suspected finrot we came to the conclusion that it is probably not finrot but water quality instead as my name says im a rookie and would appreciate all the help you could give me i have a 20 gallon tank with a 70 gallon fluval aquaclear filter with 2 foam media in it and bio noodles... no carbon(changed this yesterday to get beneficial bacteria faster). i have a single black moor in this tank did some tests yesterday here are the results ph tank:7.2 ph tap: 7.6 ammonia tank:1.0ppm ammonia, nitrite, nitrate tap:0ppm nitrite tank: .50ppm nitrate tank:0ppm after these tests i did a 75% water change as suggested by a mod i was also advised to get "prime" water conditioner (using api products right now) but didnt get the chanche to buy it today... i will get it tomorow morning today i did some tests again here are the results ammonia: seems to mbe between 0.25ppm and 0.50ppm leaning towards 0.50ppm nitrite:0ppm nitrate:0ppm... maybe between 0 and 5.0 not sure(the color is a deep yellow, not quite orange) this thread is meant for people who are willing to follow up every day or every other day until my tank is cycled what is my next step?
  11. i just thought of this how often do i wring out the foam media and how often do i replace the ammonia remover bio noodles?
  12. alright do that water change right now but ill have to use the api products and i will not be using the medication ill start the other thread tomorow, im assuming i get the prime but dont use it before the tests right? thanks again for all your help
  13. allright i will start that thread tomorow with tomorows test results after i do a 75% change and start using prime that sound good or should i change a larger amount?
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