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  1. They're all lovely!!
  2. Rambo is beautiful. Congrats!
  3. Do I see a dorsal on the little guy?? Yay dorsalled-chu!
  4. Lovely! Your moor is super cute!
  5. Took a good chunk of photos tonight. I think they show the variety pretty nicely. In no particular order here they are: This photo shows quite nicely how the goldens are turning sort of an orange-ey brown colour. I'm quite liking the variant. Maybe, kinda-sort of purple?? I almost wonder if the guy by the moss ball is either jade or olive. The blurry guy at the front might be another purple. Mamma's the big one towards the back. Most of them still have little spikes at the front of their shells. There's too many babies for me to tell if they are going away or not. Most of the snails have at least one sibling the same size and colour, so I can't tell them apart.
  6. They re beautiful! What an amazing change they made
  7. Sorry about the delay in sharing photos. These were taken yesterday: Today was actually a fairly eventful snail day. Firstly I did several counts while taking mini study breaks. I only counted the snails I could easily see, I didn't move anything in the tank, or check behind objects. Over the course of about 5-6 counts the highest number I got was 41 baby snails, a count I reached twice. They also got a partial water change to deal with the massive quantities of poop they are now producing. And finally two got re-homed. ActiasAmy came over this evening for tea and aquatic exchange: I had plants and snails for her, she had a baby BN pleco and some loaner equipment for me. While here we chose a golden with stripes and a dark brown/black to go into her tank. I'm sure they'll have a wonderful life with her. This brings me to the news some of you have been waiting for. With the massive growth spurt they have experienced over the last week about 1/3 of the snails are ready to go to new homes. There are less than 10 light footed snails in the batch, so I'm not going to rehome any of them until they're a little more mature and I can decide which ones I want to keep. There are also a few snails that may turn out purple and a few that may be jade. I am not going to rehome any of those either until I can be sure of the colours and choose one of each to keep. There are plenty of browns though, from very light to almost black. All of these snails have dark feet and stripes. These are the snails I will be re-homing first. If anyone living in Canada is interested in one or more of these snails please let me know. As I am very busy with school I would ask that you confirm that these snails are legal where you are before requesting one (I don't have time to look this up for multiple locations). All I ask is that you pay for packaging and shipping plus $1.00 CDN per snail. I will look up shipping costs individually and let you know before shipping so you won't have any surprises. Hopefully I can find good homes for as many of these little guys as possible before having to resort to selling them to my lfs.
  8. I spent most of this evening moving everyone into the 10 QT tank. The 5g Chi was getting to be a bit small volume wise and the filter isn't particularly effective. This move doubles the water volume and included a much more effective hob-filter. Once I got everyone moved in I added a small piece of driftwood with anubias on it from the 55g, various stones with plants glued on from both tanks, the marimo moss ball and plant box from the chi. The plant box isn't particularly attractive, but I'm trying to grow out some baby hygro and figure I may as well do that in the 10g. I also decided to add mommy, aka Hathor, from the 55g. I should have counted the snails as I moved them over, but it didn't occur to me until after I was done. A brief tally after I was done gave me 34 babies, but some of them were still pretty tiny and it would be easy for them to hide, not to mention a few had probably already hidden themselves quite effectively under or behind the driftwood. I would take some photos, but setting up the 10g, moving everyone and tearing down the 5g took most of my evening and I need to get studying for a test I have tomorrow. I will share photos and more updates tomorrow.
  9. The tank is stunning! I'm so excited for you AND your fish
  10. Never had problems with broccoli, but i use it in gelfood so its cooked and blended very fine. Getting a good balance in their diet is pretty difficult. I typically feed Some pellets in the morning, and a big gelfood meal around dinner time and depending on age or if spawing stage for example i also feed some in the afternoon. I also noticed when feeding late, close to lights out this makes a difference for the fish and they tend to keep on the search for food (obese behaveour) instead of going into a 'sleeping' mode in which they better digest the food. At least this is the case in my tanks. I might try some well cooked broccoli then. And I'll take into account not feeding before lights out. The pre-bed meals (algae tabs or bloodworms) don't seem to affect them poorly, in fact they seem to help, but maybe I'll feed them earlier or add them into the dinner rotation and eliminate the fourth meal entirely. Thanks! Thank you! Yes, I definitely think the NLS will be a good switch. I can't believe how long I've been waiting for it to come in! Hopefully soon . . . Thank you. No, loaches are not 'cleaner' fish.
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