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  1. Alright, so I'm really wanting to add something live to my tank. The moss balls didn't go over very well with my calico, she shredded them and I watch her poop it out on a daily basis. I bought 3 bamboo "sprigs" at IKEA about 6 years ago, and they are massive. They've lived off dechlorinated water their entire lives and take up too much space. I've figured they'd be fine to put in the 55, but I just wanted to make sure that would be fine? I'm figuring whether the calico likes them or not, she's not going to be able to destroy them. But she destroyed a fake plant a few weeks ago so I'm just gonna guess she has psychological issues with plants that no one knows about. On her side though, the fake plant was pretty ugly and flimsy. Any way, I literally know nothing about bamboo. Mine are just immortal. So does ANYONE know how to cut or pull apart bamboo to replant? And not kill the "mother plant" I mean, they all have names now, the three originals, I've gotten attached to a plant so I don't want to kill it...
  2. I wish I could do real :[ I'm going to get some amazon swords, anubias, and possibly some bamboo and try those out. What are feelings on bamboo in tanks?
  3. The pearlie is so shy! If she's out in the front and I walk in the room, she dives for cover behind a rock or plant. Then she peeks out at me like "are you gonna eat me???" and then decides that I'm a big threat and stays behind said rock/plant. And she's VERY yellow, not really orange, like, pure yellow.
  4. I am the type of person that really only likes natural looking tanks. I'm not a huge fan of colored gravel, or any gravel for that matter, so I use pebbles. And lava rocks. All of the plants are fake. Except for the 2 strands in the front right. That used to be pennywort. But that calico is the WORST with plants. So I can't do live ones. However, I don't know if it's shown in the video anywhere, but I have moss that used to be a ball all over the bottom around the rocks. The calico decided she didn't like that either and tore it to shreds. My other tanks with tropical fish are all live planted. And thanks everyone!!! Sorry it took so long for me to put everything up! I just added the fantail and the pearl scale from their qt yesterday so I figured it was time.
  5. I can't get them to sit still so I took a video! Which, was great quality on my computer, then I uploaded it to youtube and it became awful. But you can still see everything! This is the full out tank. It's a 55 bowfront, with 4 friends inside. The calico is Pepper, the black moor is Ollie, the tiny fantail is Tiny and the pearl scale is Nugget. Here's the video: Nugget is really shy and likes to hide from the camera while Pepper is a camera hog. And most people don't know this but some do, my black moor had 22 anchor worms pulled out of him a week and a half ago and then he had flukes eat away a part of his tail. Now he looks perfect Enjoy all you fish crazy people!!!
  6. I feed mine brine shrimp! And blood worms, mysis shrimp and krill. Along with pellets. And veggies. And they eat my plants. Everything except my krill is in cubes, so I cut it into fours and throw 1/4 brine shrimp and 1/4 blood worms along with some pellets in my 55 for my 4 hungry monkeys. That's in the morning. At night I tend to feed them the krill, mysis and blood worms because it has more nutritional value than the brine and it will hold them over night. As for the difference between the two, for my brand, san francisco bay, there is more crude protein, crude fat, and crude fiber in the brine shrimp than the blood worms. But it's not a huge difference. Someone else might have more info :]
  7. Luckily where I live freshwater snails and shrimp are illegal to sell in pet stores. So we have no problems with that but I didn't separate them.
  8. I went in tonight and treated all of the "ill" or possibly ill ones in the quarantine tank. We don't have Prazi, but we have clout and we have good luck with clout. I'm gonna try that for a few days, if it doesn't work then I will salt dip them and see if they look any better. No we don't have a holding tank only because we don't have enough room to have a holding tank for every fish we get in a shipment.
  9. Let me clarify something, this is NOT my fish. I work at a petstore and we've been having a problem lately with getting in tiny fantails and within 24 hours they open their mouths and never close them (not all of them, we get in 12 at a time and maybe 2/12 do it). It was my homework to figure out why they do it We try aquarium salting them in the hospital tank but they always end up dying. I've looked it up and found that the only "reason" is that they have a malformed jaw. We thought it might be lack of oxygen so we doubled the water pumps in there. It's over 200 galls of water in the entire system. Has anyone seen this? Does anyone know what causes this? And if they do, can it be helped or cured?
  10. Just an update, he looks even better today! His fins are no longer lined with red, and the "white" that was where the rotting was is also fading! I'll do the last salt dip tonight! I really can't thank you enough, I would have tried my best but he probably would have died without all of your help.
  11. Mikey, I have a live bearer tank! Half beaks and platies! I should just list all of the fish I do have already that might make it easier.
  12. Snails are definitely illegal here. All but salt water. We've got a lot of restrictions in Maine :
  13. I don't understand how both could have done it at the same time. I'm wondering if maybe one of the cats figured out how to open the top. I have one that loves to drink fish water and has figured out my 20g. I have to tape it down. I don't know. It wasn't open this morning though. Freshwater puffers are illegal here I believe.... Ill look in to it. Don't they have to eat crustaceans or hard shelled snails?
  14. I have a tank with rummy noses and a bristle nose (I have 7 tanks including this one) I don't think I want to do discus. I think I wanna do an insanely planted tropical. I kinda want a rope fish.... Angels might work, it's just not a very tall tank, it's got more length and width. Betta sorority sounds like fun.... I have such a hard time with bettas. I have 2 right now, ones a baby.
  15. So a while ago, I bought an archer for my 20g tropical tank. I asked a co worker (at Petco) what the care for them is, how big they get, and he told me 3 inches and they are non aggressive. Well. LIAR. So I ended up investing in a 38 gallon tank and got him a friend. They were awesome. They got to be about 5-6 inches long and were awesome little fish. I had every part of covered except for a tiny hole in the back where the filter was. This morning I woke up, and my 3 year old archers decided they wanted to jump out together. Both. Dead. On the floor. They have been in that same tank with the same opening for THREE YEARS. SO SAD. So. The point of this post is. I now have a 38g rectangular tank open for new fish to go inside. I tested the water, did a water change. The archers came from petco and that is where I always get my fish. And I don't want another goldie tank. The 2 I have are enough as it is. And I refuse to ever keep archers again. So suggestions! What should I add
  16. Alright! I'll keep a close eye on him. So are we not doing another salt dip? If I were to do another one, I'd do it again at the 24 hour mark, so 2am for me
  17. Fins look the same. Still tinged a little red on the edges.
  18. Alrighty! did 65% of the water, scrubbed all my plants (they were looking icky so I figured why not go all out), retreated with parasite guard, added the 1/2 tbsp of salt per gal, and now they've eaten their dinner and are swimming happily. Should I still do another salt dip tonight?
  19. Perfect! Ill let you know tomorrow when I do them.
  20. ...now I'm doubting myself because I measure everything in tablespoons. 3 teaspoons per table spoon means that I need 1 tablespoon of salt per gallon in my tank and 10 tablespoons of salt in my 1g salt dip.
  21. Ah! Yes. Whoops typo yes and yes. I should not be allowed access to anything but my pillow at 2am.
  22. Thank goodness. I just double checked on him. It faded, now he's black again Alright. Just to make sure I have this right; tomorrow I'll change 60-70% of the water, retreat with the parasite guard. (Up the the amount of new water put in) bring my salt back up to 3%.
  23. Alex... Is turning "dusty" normal during a salt dip....... He started floating around a minute so I put him back in his tank and now he's got a dusty white color on him. Please tell me I didn't make a mistake... *freaking out*
  24. Hey good suggestion! Thanks :] Alright. Salt is dissolving. Fish has no idea what is happening to him. I'm sure he'll learn to appreciate it eventually. Why do I end up treating my fish in the wee hours of the morn. Sleepy
  25. Wahoo!!! This is so much FUN. Not. Alright. Yes, I'm still treating with parasite guard. I did a water change today and retreated with the right amount. (so this is day 3 treating it) I'd say it's a decent speed. It went from nothing to this in 3 days. The tank is still very salted. I still have it at what you told me to have it at 3 days ago. Guess its a good thing I picked up more salt I'll go do the dip right now.
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