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  1. It's just all kinds of java fern with a lava rock and some vine like wood! I got it at my work (PetCo).
  2. Maybe!!! I'm not sure if that would be too many holes though. Gotta make em work for it
  3. Oh my gosh! That is perfect! Clear is such a good idea! I'll have to do that next.
  4. You can see his outline kinda On the left side, you just see a big black mass in the shape of a betta blending in with the side. That's him. Black betta in a black and green planted tank = hard to find him 99% of the time. I always after to look for a minute or two until he comes out to see me. Oh yes, me and my little illegal snail I hate the illegal list in Maine, because, the snails could be legal! But the list was made over 10 years ago and the snails were never put on the legal list so that makes them illegal. So frustrating.
  5. So a little less than a month ago, I redid my 5.5 gal betta tank. Seen here: http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/113340-tank-refurbished/ And here is the comparison of the tank from that day, until today: Then: Now: ANYBODY want some rotala The plant growth in the month has really surprised me. I've never had huge luck with plants and now all the sudden I have a tiny underwater garden and Along with the tiny black betta (good luck finding him, I only know where he is because I saw him before I snapped the photo, if you can find him, you're awesome) I've added 3 long fin cherry barbs, and a SNAIL!!! The snail is the greatest, only because, they are illegal where I live, but I found a shop that sells them. I had actually never even SEEN a live freshwater snail before I found him. He's in the right hand corner, he's a zebra snail. I got the barbs and the snail for the algae that grows in there, the barbs were doing really well with the hair algae so I decided to find something for the rest of the algae, and then came Marcel the snail. The barbs have been in there a week and a half and they keep to themselves, swimming in their little red school through the water. This is slowly becoming a favorite tank of mine. I don't know why, its so simple, but I love it. Thanks for reading!
  6. OMG love them so much. I wish mine was chubby! She's a slender little pearlie
  7. She puts up with those 3 crazy danios. She must be very patient I LOVE her nose! It's so COOL!!
  8. Here's your video :P Ignore my obnoxious voice at the end. My glass catfish were being so curious, it was adorable.
  9. I have the same problem!!! Can't wait to see someone answer :]
  10. I've never seen more frustrated fish But it was totally worth it to see how excited they got when a little cloud of brine shrimp came out of it.
  11. I use the term "Pea Brains" lightly. Because they're too smart for their own good. Today I noticed that they were just kinda floating around in the tank, minding their own business, not doing anything too fun. They looked bored. So I set to work and made them something to do. I hadn't fed them yet this morning, so I figured we could have some fun with their morning meal. So I grabbed a couple of ping pong balls, cleaned them really well and cut a hole in one and cut another on it half. NOTE: I realize how scary the cut open one looks, the edges look really sharp, I went back and recut it after I realized that it could be harmful. So I tried the half of a ping pong ball first, and I floated it on the top of the tank, to see if they would even be interested. I left it there for 10 minutes and none of them even bothered with it. So then I tried the hole'd one and filled it with bloodworms, spinach and brine shrimps and one piece of krill (I'm cruel, I know) I figured whoever would be smart enough to figure it out, could get the krill mmmm tasty! Let's test it out! See what happens! "Oooo, what is this!?" (This was within 30 seconds, I might add, too curious) Ollie was the fastest, he's a smartie-fish. He was the one that decided to bump his face on it again and again to get the food to fall out. Then Clyde came to join the party. "Mmm, why yes, this ping pong ball tastes delicious!" "Get out of here Clyde." Nugget cheated and just grabbed the food as it floated out. Needless to say, this has been going on for an hour now, and they still haven't left it alone. They bump it with their faces. They push it around and grab all the food that floats out. It's taking them a REALLY long time to eat their food, which is awesome. So this is what I spent my spare time doing today. I need to figure out something that might work a little better, maybe try a nail file to shape it a little better. Or maybe I can line it with aquarium sealant. I don't know. No one stuck their faces in it! They just mostly swam really fast over it to get the food to come out, or they bumped it with their faces. Clyde helped out some because he rolled it around and around while he was hanging on to it. So he's actually the cheater. Has anyone tried anything like this before? I like the "ball" shape because it will actually roll around on the bottom. I bet it would be even better on a bare bottom tank, more rolling room!
  12. Oh my gosh. I love my glass cats. One thing I have learned, if you do do them, add your entire school at the same time. I got my two, 3 years ago, thinking I could add more as time went on. Wrong. My two are so territorial over other glass cats, they've murdered every single one that I've put in since. I even tried 4 at a time, and only witnessed the last one being murdered Sad story. But they're great fish!
  13. That's something interesting about them. They try not to travel too much. They have a sucker mouth so they stick to a rock/leaf/wall and stay there. They like currents. He mostly sticks on the front of the tank directly where the filter current hits the glass. I'll take a video later when I'm home! But it will probably be pretty boring. think "long skinny pleco" that's how they move. He shimmies across the glass. And I keep saying he, but it's definitely a she.
  14. He's SUPER creepy!!!! He looks like a stick.
  15. He's about 6 inches now, he's farlowella acus :]
  16. You can see a little glass catfish butt in the background I forgot about those. So I have 3 rummy noses, 3 longfin zebra danios, 2 glass cats, 2 ghost shrimpies, and 1 lemon swordtail
  17. Yes! Sorry, I was going to but I posted this from my phone so I couldn't. But here she or he is!
  18. I went on an adventure today. To a very far away fish shop. And I came across so many fun fun fun things. I couldn't help myself. So I splurged. And bought snails and shrimp and an oranda and a farlowella catfish. And I spent way to much but it was so worth it. So. Has ANYONE ever had/still have a farlowella catfish? I put him in my 25 column tank. I have a school of rummy nose tetras, long finned zebra danios and a swordtail and some ghost shrimps in there. I didn't quarantine him. Which is my only worry, only because my 10g quarantine now has an oranda in it. I didn't want to house them together. So hopefully all goes well! Anyone who has heard anything about them, I'd love to know!
  19. I'm just sticking with my 3 and my pleco
  20. It's entirely possible that I'm just reallllly weird.
  21. Totally. I agree. I shoulda thought about it before but it was too convenient to roll across the house I also think this might be a custom tank because I've looked everywhere for dimensions on 55 bowfronts and all I find is 40+ inch long ones. And mine is only 30. So. I will be removing them next week
  22. Okay sounds good. And you're just aging yourself now, Alex
  23. He's looking much better today! Ugh, I swear that fish is the cause of my anxiety. I should just call him "Anxiety Moor" I'll keep watching him. But he's being his normal, bubbly self and not struggle bussing today. Can you tell I'm one of those rowdy college kids with all the colloquial expressions Anyway! Thanks for dealing with my mini freak out. Hopefully he'll stay this way.
  24. I get it for SO cheap at my work our next shipment should be coming in soon. Definitely by the time he's done fasting. So hopefully we'll be all good.
  25. Alright. I won't feed him it anymore and no he's not confirmed I just call him a him because he's always underneath my calico "sniffin' her butt" (I'm sorry if that's really weird, that's just what I call it ) and he seems like a dude because he's always chasing her around.
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