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  1. Sometimes the fish get a bit scuffy and lose some scales from banging into things when they breed. I've never had any problems after that and they have healed fine. They can eat the eggs too. Is that a good or bad thing?
  2. These are a few (blurry) photos of my 2 month-old goldfish fry. They are starting to get some sort of olivey colour on them and there are a couple of 'forms' that Im noticing.... the sort of 'pointy face' type, which looks more like the adult shape, and another that seems to have a bit of a forehead/flatter face (almost like they are wearing a little hat). I'll see if these photos work... First is the pointy type... Now the blunted, foreheaded type... These are the descendents of a female orange common and a male yellow common. I had what I assume to be a large number die off from being generally mis-shapen, maybe 50%. I thought maybe it was because it was their first ever spawn. Hopefully they can keep these shapes to adulthood.
  3. It may be that they are too young... I had the same problem with them spitting the eggs out when they were definitely big enough to eat them though. I let them settle on the bottom of the tank and I assume the fry were eating them as they shot up in size..! I think it may be that they can taste a little of the preservation fluid on the eggs and that is putting them off. I'd try rinsing them a little longer before adding them and see what happens.
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