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  1. Honestly I can only speak for my own but there was clearly a difference in behavior when I added a tankmate for him. Much more lively, active, "happy". With 3 they always stay together rather than apart. This would be 15g a fish scenario and could work but only if large weekly water changes greater than 50% were done. Just imho. Or could also be done if Goldfish would be willing to upgrade his tank again in a year or so. I'd rather see two than one. Sure you can't do that 160l? lol I would love to get two or more goldfish to make sure they were happy, but I don't know whether the 160 litre would be okay or not. You see, it hangs over the table where I was putting it by about 5cm on each side.
  2. Thanks for the replies, I will try java fern, crypts and anubias. ( I actually have them all in my tropical tank )
  3. What plants are best? ( I know goldies tend to munch on certain plants)
  4. Thanks for all the replies, I will defiantly go for one goldfish and probably a few nerite or apple snails.
  5. Hi guys, I am possibly getting an 120 litre tank for fancy goldfish ( I was going for 160l but its just a bit too big) and wondering if I should get one or two. If I get one, I may get some tank mates, would would go with fancy goldfish other than other fancy goldfish? It can even be snails ect. But please specify what type if you recommend invertebrates Thanks, Goldfish
  6. Alright, I'm sure it will be fine as I stood on it and walked and it didn't even move. Thanks for the posts.
  7. I am possibly going to get an 160 litre tank and have 2 fancy goldies in it. Will a solid wood coffee table work? Or do I need something sturdier. Thanks, Goldfish
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