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About Me



My name was Daphne Elanur G*** (not telling the whole name) untill I was 18.  Then I went to court and legally had my whole name changed!!!  Now it is Elaine Selene W*****.  :)  I picked my favorate first name, Elaine, then used my cats name and the name from a song by one of my favorate bands (My Selene by Sonata Arctica) for my middle name. :whistle


Previously owned pets:

A level 3 Dressage Horse - Distinctly A Dream (a.k.a. Nate)

Tropicals (Fish - Freshwater) (many)


Current Pets:

3 Goldfish (Candy the Ranchu, Cloud Nine the Oranda, True Gold the Fantail)

3 Cats ("My Sweet Selene", Misha, Sasta) (have had 5 cats)

2 Budgies (Parakeets) (Helena and Faustus) (I have had four or five budgies I think).

1 Hamster  (I'm calling her Hammy but she has not been named yet)

2 Turtles (my boyfriends turtles - Muddy the mud turtle, and unnamed? the Painted turtle! Both under 2" long)

2 Bettas (Snowy Shaw the blue and white male Betta, and Juha Pekka the Red and Green Betta.) :teehee

1 Dog (Caleb the Beagle / maybe Jack Russel cross)


Getting soon:

1 Leucistic Axolotl  (Albie the albino?) :teehee




I work at McDonald's but I am trying desperately to get employed at a pet store. :)


I attended the American Academy of Art - Chicago  for  1 1/2 years and am now attending another college (not so prestigious so I won't even mention it...) :thumbdown

I'm working at getting a advanced Digital Photography Certificate. 




Anyway... a little more... I love classical literature such as Goethe's Faust, Dante's Devine Comedy, Miltons Paradise Lost, and Paradise Regained, The Kalevala... and more.


I collect rocks, minerals and gemstones...


My favorite movies are:

UNDERWORLD movies! (Vampires and lycans! OH MY!) then comes Spirit Stallion of the Cimmeron (WTF?) and Seabuiscit. (hahaha!)


Favorite bands and musicians are:

SNOWY SHAW (Is #1!!), Charon, CrashDiet, Reckless Love, Sonata Arctica...


I LOVE Finland, the Finnish Language, and everything Finnish.  (Sweden is almost as cool...Hah!)


I'll add more as I think of it.  But that is all for now. :)

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