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  1. Thanks! That's so nice:) I am also a huge fan of the changes. When I have a "you grew an inch overnight" moment, I'll take a peek at a photo from when they were juveniles and it's just shocking how different they look. I have a ranchu that was almost all black with yellow. Then the black turned yellow as well. Now the yellow is changing to a deeper orange in some spots. It's like I've had three fish with her. lol
  2. This ranchu looks a twin to mine. Soooo cute!
  3. It's been about a year, so very slow. I love it though! Very Halloweeny. lol
  4. I've probably seen more moors turning than staying black...
  5. I wish I had a pic of her when she was small. Full black. I got her as an adult. Love the orange and black look, for sure.
  6. This is the day we brought her home. Horrible shot, but you get the idea. I'll post the "now" shot from my phone in a sec:)
  7. Pffffft! haha. I "ryukin" you are right...okay that was bad.
  8. Okay, now you are blowing my mind... Gotta say, if she ends up orange with the black eyes and fins, I'll be one happy girl. This is true! I'll see if I have one from a while ago while I'm at it:)
  9. Congrats! So cool:) Glad they did great while you were away. That must have been strssful.
  10. Hi Guys, Weird question lol. I have a black moor that is now about 75% orange. It's looking like she'll be orange with black fins and eyes:) Will she still be a moor, or will she become a telescope?
  11. Good luck! I've had to separate my evil oranda (lol) from the girls. He can't stay away. Veil tails too. He goes right for them.
  12. That's what I was thinking Can you imagine the number of worms there must be in there if it is detritus? EW. It's not necessarily a bad thing, though, as that is generally what the bottom of any beautiful pond looks like if you remove the plants. At least that is always what I've seen in 'how to clean your pond' videos. Still grossed out. lol. *heeby-jeebing*
  13. That's what I was thinking Can you imagine the number of worms there must be in there if it is detritus? EW.
  14. Photos. I'll get some close ups with the nice camera this evening:) The lady who will be adopting him is super stoked! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. I'll get my husband to throw on the surgical gloves and hold her so I can get some good shots tonight:)
  16. She is petrified of light:( I wanted to get some nice closeups but I'm going to wait until later today to put the light on her. She is wicked cute. She was bottom sitting for about an hour and then started swimming around and perking up. Ammonia in her old tank was at 8ppm. Trace nitrite and no nitrate. Do you think a salt dip would be a good idea? I started Prazi this morning.
  17. If I were you, I'd try to take a water sample. lol. It does look like there are some split fins in the second photo. Okay, now I'm done:)
  18. Love the telescopes! That is SO weird. I've never seen fish outside... That's a lot of poop:( Edit: Is that sand on the bottom?
  19. Some photos. Thirteen is a cutie! I am wondering if she's stunted as well. Those are some large eyes for that little head. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Got the little girl today. I think she's a girl lol. Definitely looks like Lymphocystis. We've named her "13" after our favourite character in "House". Also my lucky number (go figure). She's just settling in. I'll post some photos tomorrow. We've got her in a separate room with all of her own equipment. We're "scrubbing in" and "scrubbing out" lol.
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