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  1. I LOVE Lulu! Now where's Geek???? lol
  2. Very nice! I had to rescue my balls from the fish. They were tearing them apart. They now have their own 5 gallon tank. lol
  3. Hi Guys, Was just checking out one of my tanks. Apparently three fish in one tank are all turning yellow. There is a lemonhead, who was obviously yellow to begin with. The other two are a red cap oranda and a blue oranda. Can the light cause this? It's so weird.
  4. No problem:) giving them a squeeze is basically a cleaning. I am addicted to them. Lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Whwn I got min home and washed them thoroughly, as soon as I squeezed it, all kinds of brown junk came out. I give them a squeeze and roll about once evry week and the same stuff comes out, but much less. It could be that, unless you mean white cloudy.
  6. She rocked it out! Did not think she would make it. It came on so fast and hard. She's 99% better and almost ready to swim with her buddies!
  7. Doing some research and reviving this thread for an update, goldiegeek! Did any shrimp eggs hatch? Did the Marimo continue to do well for you? Anything interesting to report? Well, I have bleacj dipped 5 moss balls and 4 survived. 3 of them looked really rough, bit came back:) Yay! As soon as they were in the salt bath, they started to perk back up within hours. I did 3 min. dips and will probably scale it back to 1.5 minutes in the future. Not one shrimp hatched! I was so worried about that. Found out Petsmart sells moss balls in cups, like the bettas. Apparently they are totally safe to add to the tank right away as they've never been in tanks with fish. Not sure how accurate that is. lol
  8. Pretty sure my guy is recovering from hole in the head. Her wen is coming back beautifully:) I hope yours does the same. Poor little guys.
  9. Oh my gosh! I don't think I took a shot before we started. lol. That was dumb. I'll get a shot of him post-op and show you guys. He's doing great so far, thank goodness:)
  10. He is looking good, I think. Lol. I've never cared for a healing wound quite like this. It's a lot cleaner than what I'm used to, which is great. He's eating and pooping normally. He's currently in a 10 gallon qt. I'm changing as much of the water as I can get out every 4 hours or so. 0.1% salt. The hardest part, which surprised me, wasn't the actual cutting. It was waiting for him to come out of it afterward. After a while (I'm sure it was only like 45 seconds), I wondered what I would tell my kids if he didn't wake up. I was nervous. It took about 3 minutes for him to start to move. 5 minutes before he was on his own. It was pretty amazing. I do have to say, there is something very unsettling about seeing a fish out of water and not moving...and it being okay. Lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I have a ranchu recovering from the brink of death. Went to bed one night, parameters perfect, happy fish. Got up the next morning and it looked like advanced hole in the head. I nearly had a heart attack. I still don't know what caused it and the other fish in the tank are healthy. I wish you the best of luck in solving the mystery! It's never fun not knowing what's up.
  12. I do have him in a separate tank. Not taking any chances. Turns out my friend will be taking him. So he'll be in great hands. The vet said nothing is contagious. The rescues always stay alone in their tanks though. Very stoked that all went well. Very cool experience. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Hi Guys, Had an awesome morning! A friend of mine has an oranda with chronic tumour growth. She has removed 6 of his tumours over the last 5 years. Poor guy. She came over this morning to help me with my rescue fish Thirteen. Thirteen had a tumour of unknown origin. With the help of a vet, we were able to diagnose this. She taught me how to use the clove oil for sedation, which was scary. She took me through the whole process. I did everything except the actual cutting of the tumour. I think I'd need to see it a couple more times before I'd try myself. Thirteen took about 5 minutes to be sedated and about 5 minutes to come out of it. It went perfectly. Now he is tumour free:) So glad because it was growing. I imagine he'll be chronic, so we'll have to see. Lots of water changes in my future. So yeah, very exciting morning. Thirteen looks great. Overall a great success! Yay!
  14. LOVE the colour of the gravel!
  15. Welcome to the forum:) If you want to learn a ton about fishkeeping, this is probably the best place to do it. Those are some super cute goldfish you have there!
  16. I would bring some photos of my set up over and share them with her in a "hey, we share a common interest" sort of way. Maybe she'll ask about it. I don't think there is any other way to ensure 100% that you don't offend her. I love the idea of buying her a new tank as a gift, but she may wonder why. Then there's the maintenance issue...tough spot.
  17. You may want to have this thread moved over to D&D.
  18. I don't think so at all. As long as he isn't struggling or in pain. Can't wait for a photo!
  19. First guy is my fave! He can be Geek. Lol. They look so amazing:) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. guys... "(NEW) subscribers this month can receive a TastyWorms Tshirt" I know it sucks but everything has to have a start time.... Sorry... There is a Filter give Away for subbies too... i do it every year.. My brain thought it was late February when you posted this...if you could whip up an emoticon with a dunce cap, that would be great. I seem to need one from time to time. lol
  21. Thank you! The ammonia today was less than .25 I think. Didn't look quite as bright as 0, but not all the way to .25 either. Getting the kit out, I also saw a bottle of Melafin by Mars Fishcare that I forgot I had because I haven't used it, kind of bought it by mistake but kept it just in case. I have a container of Metro-Meds food on order now too. Did a double dose of Prime. He's acting much better today, even with the light back on. I also plugged the heater back in and have been watching it, it's back to 76*F, so maybe just a fluke (no pun intended!). Must have freaked it out yesterday but hopefully not damaged it - I'll keep an eye on it. You'll have big confidence by the time this all gets figured out:) Glad you're starting the Prazi. I learned about it on this site and did all of my tanks. Quite impressive results with much happier fish. I learn something new every day and have been keeping goldfish for years. That's why this site is so amazing:) You don't know what you don't know, right? lol. Keep up the great work, the benefits will really pay off. Very nice fish, by the way:)
  22. Congrats on kicking the fishless cycle's butt! I can just picture the look on their faces with the fish in tubs and the tank empty:) Way to stick to your guns, Girl. Those are some lucky fishies you have there.
  23. Looking AWESOME! You have outdone yourself, Sir:)
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