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  1. The only suggestion I would offer is to get a 10 gallon. The small bioload will make it much easier to maintain for a first time fishkeeper. Plus, his daughter will have more room to "decorate". lol
  2. Very true, Marineland is great for modifications.
  3. I have seen those guys before and was so hoping they would have double tails. Maybe if enough of us ask about them......lol
  4. The potential is huge:) (do it, do it!).
  5. I was hoping to hear from you Shakaho:) So the odds of having "Telepoms" or "pomoscopes" is teeny weeny....bummer. A girl can hope...lol
  6. Thanks! Looking forward to the next batch. Hopefully I'll catch them in the egg stage so I can just move over some new plants rather than trying to catch tiny little fry. We'll see how it goes. Don't forget the pics:) Oh, do you know which fish were "involved"? I, for one, would love to see what mom and dad look like:)
  7. I have recently dealt with a very sick fish of my own as well as a couple of rescues. I've had to use a few different meds. Here's what I've got: Some of these meds are very hardcore and I only use them as a last resort and on the advice of an expert. (Bifuran and Methylene Blue) Aquarium salt Prime (also builds slime coat as well as detoxifying ammonia, nitrite and nitrate in low levels (for 24 hours). In case of emergency, you can dose up to 5x the regular dose. Epsom salt Iodine Clove oil Bifuran Kanaplex Neoplex Metro+ (Seachem makes Metroplex, another option) Methylene Blue (Fungus, hardcore, I've only used it on fry eggs, off the shelves in Canada as far as I know) It's cousin. "Malachite Green" is a good one to avoid. Very controversial. Melafix (first signs of fin rot) Pimafix (first signs of fungus) Polyguard (parasitic, fungal and bacterial, covers the most prevalent illnesses. Mama likey:) Prazipro (Praziquantel) Always have peas lol For me, the most important are aquarium/epsom salt, Prazipro, melafix, Kanaplex, Metrodinazole, Polyguard and Prime. The food from the Goldfish Connection is perfect to have on hand as a first line of defense, for sure. Having clove oil, just in case, is a good idea.
  8. Ooh, thank you - I will try Target for Morton's Canning and Pickling Salt! I would never have thought to go there and there is one a few blocks from my home. I hope we have some here because I've literally checked every grocery store in the area! I also can't find any clove oil, which is odd considering the proliferation of natural foods stores in hippie Santa Cruz County. It seems they have every type of botanical oil BUT clove oil. I do believe it's good to have on hand just in case, even though having to put a fish down isn't something I like to think about. Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk I got mine at a drug store. It is used as a pain reliever for toothache. The iodine was in the same section.
  9. This. Is. Huge. lol. When the Fish Sempai stopped sales, we were left with nothing. Hopefully shipping is coming in the near future!
  10. Fabulous! My pom pom's...poms are about twice the size of that pom pom's poms (confused yet?) haha. I would love to have a fish like that in my collection, for sure. Thanks so much for posting these! I wasn't aware all types could grow poms. Very cool!
  11. Me too! lol. I chuckle every time I try to picture it.
  12. Genius advice! I need some of your genius advice. I'll PM you:)
  13. I have started to see some spawning behaviour with my pom pom and telescope. The picture in my head is hilarious! So would I have telescopes and pom poms, or some crazy looking hybrid? lol
  14. I tried to find the powder and had no luck. Where do you get yours? The dose is (with the liquid) 1/8 tsp/2.5 gallons. I use the same schedule Alex made in the treatment section. I start at one week old. Some start at 2 weeks old. A trick I learned that saved me HOURS every day: if you have a cermaic ashtray, or something shallow and heavy that is safe for aquariums this works well. Put it in at mealtime and put the food in it. The shallower the container, the better (so the fry can find it). Then when they are done, airline siphon out the food and remove the container. That way you aren't stuck vacuuming the whole tank and scraping gunk off the bottom every day...with a tiny airline:) Good luck with your fry!
  15. Congrats Bronwyn!! In my experience, once they start, they don't stop. lol It's sooo exciting when you see the first one:) I am so happy for you. As much as I suck at it, raising fry is a very cool experience. Fingers crossed for you.
  16. My son is part of a clinical trial in Toronto. I have to go down every 2 weeks (5 hour drive, blah). I think I'm going to stop in:) If I can get there, I'll take some pics:)
  17. My blue guy has the blue bursting out of the yellow. Mama likey. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Hi Guys, To the Canadians who get shafted with not being able to order quality fish: I found one! http://www.pondexperts.ca They have pandas, red and blacks, lots of really nice fish. They are in Bradfor, which is in Ontario. North of Newmarket. They ship to Canadians only (can you believe it?) Check it out!
  19. Horrible pics but you can see the yellow. [ [ [ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Okay, no one is dying. Thanks Guys! Right now they are getting a lot more NLS than usual. I have two rescues in qt and one tank being medicated, so the water changes are endless, sadly my time isn't. lol I have to say, my blue oranda looks awesome! It's like purpley grey bursting out of the yellow. I should get a pic.
  21. Omg Chelsea. All of my fish who have any white are turning yellow. My ranchus have yellow chins, my ryukin has yellow at the base of her tail fin, my bronze fantail has it on her tummy. What the heck? This better not be mass liver failure. lol Omg Chelsea. All of my fish who have any white are turning yellow. My ranchus have yellow chins, my ryukin has yellow at the base of her tail fin, my bronze fantail has it on her tummy. What the heck? This better not be mass liver failure. lol Three separate tanks
  22. Amazing job! Have you figured out what to do with them all? Still planning a patio pond?
  23. New Life Spectrum pellets, Repashy, bloodworms and veggies.
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