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  1. You should name the stripy one "Neo", short for neapolitan, like the ice cream:) Kingyo: Japanese word for goldfish. Jinyu: Chinese word for goldfish. The white, orange and black one could be "Cali", for calico.
  2. Oh wow! That's so cool:) I hope he's been doing well.
  3. Hi Guys, I came across this product: https://www.myfunfish.com Just wondering what you all think about it. I was pretty sad when I saw it. A friend of mine showed me and is now trying to figure out how to apply the science to her 100 gallon lol. I'm sad because it has the potential to fool even those who know bowls/tiny tanks are a no no. What is that, half a gallon? They make no mention of water conditioner. Those rocks are going to get so full of sludge. I'm not even sure how they can say that pouring clean water in will push the dirty water out. When you pour water in, doesn't it go toward the bottom of the bowl where water is being pushed out? The kid walking in and saying "I got another fish!"...like that happens all the time (or can now with this "great new product"). Ugh.
  4. Just got home. I stopped in at Menagerie, very cool. I also stopped in at the Big Al's in Brampton on Kennedy. I was really surprised. Their goldfish section was great. Nice and clean. They were doing water tests when I was there and the parameters were ammonia: 0, nitrite: 0 and 20ppm nitrate. I checked out every single fish. They must have thought I was nuts standing there for 20 minutes staring. lol. Not a scratch on them. No signs of ich or parasites. No ammonia burns or clamped fins. The only thing I saw was one goldfish with some swim bladder issues...and he was in QUARANTINE! I asked about special ordering and the manager hooked me right up and will be emailing me a list of higher end fancies he can get on a weekly basis:) The shocker was that almost every tank in the store that held large fish was sick. A LOT of fin rot and ammonia burns. One tank had 3 fish with parasites visibly moving around their eyes. The tropical/marine tanks were so overcrowded. One tank had a massive shark that couldn't even turn around. I asked about the care provided to the goldfish because they looked so much better than the rest of the fish. They actually quarantine the goldies for a week before they even hit the floor. Very strange that the goldfish seem to be the only fish getting excellent care. For special orders, they have individual tanks in the back for holding. They keep them for a week before going home with their new owners. Very different from my Big Al's.
  5. Thanks so much! I am really excited to see what the big city has to offer:) I'll be right around the Menagerie area, so I'll definitely stop in. Thanks so much!
  6. OMG! I did not know that you are expecting!!! Yay! Congratulations Erin
  7. LOVE!!!!!! I think those light coloured guys with the one black eye are AWESOME! They all look fantastic:)
  8. Hi Guys, I am heading out to Toronto tomorrow evening. I have heard the stores there are waaaay better than in Ottawa, where I am. Can anyone recommend a really good aquarium store? I will only have time to stop in to one, so I want to make it count:) I'll be in Brampton, Mississauga and downtown. Thanks!
  9. That's a fantastic idea. I'd love an indoor, myself.
  10. OMG!!!!! I would barf. Like instantly.
  11. My husband takes "the littles" swimming on Sundays so I can do the bulk of my tank work for the week sans interruption. I love my Sunday afternoon.
  12. That's what I thought! It's cold over here all alone.
  13. You would make an excellent mime. lol
  14. Guys, there are no words to describe the flavour(s). lol
  15. Also: Oh, the bum is not for you, it's to show you what my mouth tastes like....
  16. Hi Guys, So I had a really gross fish accident. lol. I drink a Rockstar energy drink every afternoon. I was cleaning up some frozen shrimp from a tank and had an empty can sitting there from yesterday. As I sucked out the grossness, I was putting it in the can. While cleaning it out, my 5 year old threw up (flu). I left what I was doing and totally forgot about it. Fast forward to about three hours later. I can't find my drink anywhere. I'm looking...and looking. Aha! There it is, silly drink. I pick it up, so thirsty for its tastiness. I take a huge gulp and just as I'm swallowing I get this wicked bitter taste in my mouth and realize I am drinking rotten frozen shrimp along with anything else I sucked out of there. I spit the rest out trying not to make myself sick. Brushed my teeth a BUNCH and am still tasting it. EEEEEEEEEEEEW!!!!! Anyone else had any disguting fishy related mishaps? Please tell me I am not alone.....lol.
  17. On a side note, just to illustrate her tenacity...it took 12 drops of clove oil (in 2.5 gallons) to get her under. We added another 10 drops very slowly to stop gill movement (I've usually only needed about 5). Didn't work. We had to add another 15 drops before we got to where we wanted to be. Was I surprised? Not at all. Miss you tons Frankie!
  18. Wonder where one could be found....
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