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  1. Do they have a website I can look at?? Sorry Bronwyn, I meant to quote you so you'd get a notification. www.pondexperts.ca They are about 45 minutes North-West of Brampton. Do they have a website I can look at?? Sorry Bronwyn, I meant to quote you so you'd get a notification. www.pondexperts.ca They are about 45 minutes North-West of Brampton. ...and you just saw the post. lol.
  2. Looks like he's wearing a costume. Too cute! Look at those cheekies!
  3. Me too, if I can keep them going. Started out with hundreds...down to 20.
  4. Turns out all my big guys have dorsals. lol. I kept thinking I was looking at the same one. This is weird...
  5. Here's my little ranchu with a dorsal fin:) hope you can see it. Lol
  6. You got it! I'm super stoked. A panda (well for now), may make it to my house through no fault of my own... I was watching one of their koi pond videos and those suckers come right out of the water for food. My daughter will get a kick out of that:)
  7. Hi Guys, Geez, it's been a while... I will be stopping in to Pond Experts in Ontario (close to Toronto) this weekend. I'm very excited to see what they have:) From what the lady told me, they have some big pandas, black ranchus, calico ranchus and celestials. I'll be taking lots of photos. I'm hoping once they start shipping fish (she said they are working on it), that this could be a great resource for us Canadians. Is there anything anyone wants to know while I'm there? Cheers Guys:)
  8. $60...on a Thai Black Ranchu...that died in a horrible filter mishap:(
  9. I was checking on my fry, noticed a bump on its back. I figured it was a parasite of some kind. I took a really close look...and I have one ranchu with a dorsal fin! lol. Still trying to get a photo that will show it. It's the tiniest dorsal ever. I love it.
  10. They did! They got some of the best...well my faves, anyway. I think it's somewhere in the Rules of the Forum: If your fish have fry, you are required to keep at least one of them. I knew there must be something like this. It didn't feel right entertaining the idea of not keeping one. I just want to be responsible. But, if I can do daily w/c for 3 months plus another tank. I can do w/c on 1 tank every 4-5 days for sure. I also feel like my hobby is kind of being put on the back burner with our surprise on the way...and it's hard to imagine a time when I get to go at it again full force with a new big fancy set up, etc. But, it will happen! I will try to get pics of the happy family (fish that is) up soon! I just hope your morning (or should I say "all day"?) sickness has calmed down. I have had hyperemesis for every pregnancy. It's literally torture. I have no idea how tanks got done. lol. Whenever someone says they are pregnant, I get flashbacks. I hope you're feeling better!
  11. Boy do different stores have different prices. I saw the same scope with price differences of almost $80. Definitely shop around.
  12. I was just checking my ranchu fry for dorsals. lol. None...boo.
  13. Geez, when I googled it, all I could find was liver failure. I nearly had a heart attack.
  14. Yes, most Ranchu breeders, judges, etc. would regard this as a flawed fish. I agree with Helen's answer. However, we as collectors can love and appreciate any fish regardless of official standards The Lionhead is the original Chinese dorsaless fish. An ideal Lionhead has a straight back and it's head is large in proportion to it's body. There should also be considerable, bumpy headgrowth. The tail leaves the peduncle at a gentle angle and there is no tuck. The Ranchu is the refined Japanese version of the original dorsaless breed. They cultivated and bred fish with rounder backs and tight tail tucks. An ideal Ranchu has a smooth arched back, a smaller head proportion to the body and less wen. The wen is also smoother than that of a Lionhead. Finally, the tail should leave the peduncle at a sharp angle. Of course, there are many blends of these breeds such as the Lionchu which show traits of both fish. When you started talking about Ranchu it should be clear you're describing a side view Ranchu which is actually developed in China. Japan has developed the top view Ranchu. They have a totally different set of traits and things like tail tuck and sloping of the back are not as important because the animal is only Bred to be viewed from above. They're less round when viewed from above and should be kind of an oblong shape. The head growth is very important, especially the "cheeks" which are known as the funtan. The splay of the tail and how strong it is also defines a good TVR. (Red and white is a TVR and orange is a SVR) Just wanted to clear that up! That diagram is perfect. Thanks for posting that.
  15. Thank you!!! Extremely informative:) Holy cow.
  16. Hi Guys, I want to buy a microscope. As a microscope newb, it seems like there's lots to consider. Can anyone recommend any specific type. Are the digital ones you hook up to your computer a good idea? How much magnification should I aim for?
  17. I know it's irrational superstition, but I wouldn't name my fish after characters of fiction where one of them croaks every five minutes You know, don't wanna jinx my fish I'm super bad with naming my fish... I should just give them numbers. I have a "Seven" and a "Thirteen". I dig the number names. Lol
  18. I know, right? It looks so cool though, I can imagine tons of people using these.
  19. Great road trip. My son had an MRI and got a photo of his brain. He's 11, so he thinks it's the coolest thing ever (it's pretty cool). Lol. He wants to have it printed onto a toque for next winter:)
  20. That's what I thought too. I'm usually really sad for the Goldie's while only marginally sad for the tropicals. Lol
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