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  1. Oh, any benefit to using API General Cure (Prazi/metro) over Prazipro?
  2. Is there an antibiotic you specifically recommend? I am on my way out to get some more Prazi now.
  3. Thanks! Me too. It looks like it's driving him crazy:(
  4. Steve's girlfriend, Quartz, has a spot on her wen. I'm thinking treating the whole tank is in order.
  5. Photo update: July 13 Steve's tail fin has some white spots. You can see them from both sides of the fin (internal). More spots. More spots.
  6. Qt is being set up as I type. Yes, it definitely looks like a blood spot. The colouration at the bottom of his mouth isn't actually like that. I think the light caught it. Nothing that looks like fungus. I have: Kanaplex, Neoplex, Bifuran, Para Guard, Methylene Blue, Malachite Green, salt and Prazipro.
  7. The tank was treated for flukes in early 2014. I am so stumped. Thanks Bronwyn! I am a little freaked out about this one.
  8. Okay, after hours (sadly, I mean that literally) of filming this fish, who will not look at me straight on and open his mouth, here are 2 very short videos. The quality is really bad. Not only does it look like it was recorded on VHS in 1976, but Steve was in front of a bubble wall. I'll have a better camera tomorrow. Sorry about that.
  9. Hi Guys, I haven't been on in a while and I'm bummed to be back with this situation. My 3 year old ranchu, Steve, has something going on with his mouth. I have been researching all day and have found absolutely nothing to point me in the right direction. I have never seen anything like it. It looks like all of a sudden Steve has a cleft palate. The left corner of his mouth and cheek look almost like they've caved in. The inside of his mouth is swollen. It's a bit of a shock because I have had these two since they were tiny. Probably about 3 months old. neither of them have ever been sick with anything. Neither have had any swim bladder issues. they eat voraciously. They spawn about every two-three weeks and have been since they started. I guess I have lost my "nothing ever happens in that tank" tank. I will upload a video ASAP! Tank info: Ammonia: tank-0, tap-0 Nitrite: tank-0, tap-0 Nitrate: tank-10ppm, tap-0 pH: tank-0, tap-0 Test brand: API liquid test Tank size: 60 gallons Temp: 70 Running for 3 years Filters: Marineland 350B x 2 Water changes: twice weekly 70% Last water change: 2 days ago, 70% Fish: 2 4" ranchus Additives: Prime Food: Hikari Lionhead, New Life Spectrum, Repashy Super Veggie, Hikari frozen bloodworms, fresh, cooked veggies New fish: no Medication history: routine treatment for flukes using Prazipro, 4 rounds. No fish were infected. Unusual findings: Left cheek looks caved in, inside of mouth swollen. Unusual behaviour: seems somewhat lethargic. He did spawn with his tank mate last night (not unusual) and was not as aggressive as he usually is, by far. When he stops swimming, his bum is slightly floaty.
  10. How did you know? Lol. I'm a little bummed, this guy doesn't seem to be keeping up with the others in terms of growth. This is just over the last week or so. I'm hoping he males it. I'd love to see what that dorsal looks like as he grows:)
  11. Okay, I went with the 3/4 rule. I have had one tank on this salt for 48 hours, all is great! It is not in rock form and dissolved in about 30 seconds of stirring. When I told the guy at the aquarium store about my find, he smiled, leaned in and said "that's what I use, shhhhhhh". lol
  12. Hi Guys, I just wanted to share a photo of my little alien fry. He is "supposed" to be a ranchu. We noticed a little while ago that he has a little shark fin:) I have to post the photo from my phone, so it will be up in a sec.
  13. Awesome! Would it be equal in terms of measurement. 1 tbsp for 1 tbsp?
  14. A breeder told me to get some additive free pool salt instead of aquarium salt. I've read everything I can find, but I'm still not sure this stuff is safe. Thoughts? I hope it's good, it cost $2.49. Lol
  15. That's a great point about hurting them. I picture their scales just flying off as I grab them.
  16. Hahaha it does look like a praying mantis. It was tricky getting the photo. But it was the first time I tried. There are ways to get good shots just using regular camera. BUT I bought a scope camera now. I was finding it very hard on my eyes looking through the scope. So the camera is great, can see right on my screen. I'll post pics eventually. Haven't had enough down time to do any more filter samples, etc. This is a fun hobby though. Daughter keeps thinking of other things to look at! I had my kids looking at your "mantis". They are very excited for my scope to arrive. Good to know you can get half decent pics without a camera attachment. Seeing it right on the screen is perfect, though. Can't wait to see what else you find!
  17. I am exactly the same way! My husband used to have to do everything that required touching the fish (and I have rescues on and off that need to be treated for all kinds of stuff). I found the solution:) If I put a pair of surgical gloves on, it gives me this super power confidence to do whatever I have to. lol. With gloves on I can do hand transfers, hold them for a procedure, muck around in the tank without constantly checking to see where they are. All you feel is the weight of the fish. My husband suggested I try it after he saw me wearing them to clean the fry tank (I don't want to touch them either). It feels really good to know that even with my irrational fear, I can get around it and do what needs to be done. I had the same fear that you do about someone not being there to help you. Totally get that.
  18. This is so cool. I saw the photo and wondered how your fish could have a praying mantis on him. lol How difficult was it to get the photo?
  19. I know ... I would be terrified to spend a lot of money on a fish for this very reason. Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk I've heard from a lot of folks that the bigger they are when they come home, the more sensitive to the move and such they seem to be. That would be a scary package to open...
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