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  1. I always get more Prime at times like these. Or liquid test kits.
  2. Jordan, if you want to start a new tank with something different, I recommend a 20 gallon long tank and an Axolotl. They are easy to care for, relatively speaking. They need very cold water (55-65). I blow a fan over the surface of my tank and it's at a constant 62 degrees. Check them out:)
  3. If you look at the second photo, the two black dots look like they are in his head. Like stuck to the opposite side of his skull. You can see it when you get just the right angle where the reflection disappears.
  4. I was researching albinos and did see the info about the blindness issues. Pretty sure he can't see a thing. Explains why he was all alone in the corner of the tank at the store. It was like he got picked last in gym class. Lol. I shall continue the hunt for eyeballs. Thanks for the info!
  5. I missed one opportunity that really bummed me out. Ever since, bucket in the trunk:)
  6. No flash at all. What you see on the video is exactly what it looks like when you look at him. It's really strange.
  7. I'm thinking so too:) I am so taken with him. He's munching on cucumber right now:) So happy he avoided the Ich.
  8. I just did a bunch of stuff...nada. He's in fantastic condition. Probably the nicest looking fish I've bought from a big box store. My daughter calls him "Crazy Eyes" now. lol. Poor thing.
  9. Amanda, that looks just like mine. I originally thought that a decoration was crumbling or something, but no.
  10. Good morning Koko's, I have been travelling to Toronto every couple of weeks for months. My son is part of a clinical trial for the development of a drug to treat Autism Spectrum Disorders (pretty mind blowing). Anyhow, we always stay with my cousin in Brampton. I have been popping into the Big Al's there and it's pretty impressive. They seem to bring in a lot more of the harder to find fish (adult black chus, adult pandas, very large calico chus, chocolate teles). I was in a few weeks ago and freaked out. Very (very) rarely do I ever see a fish I am instantly drawn to. There was a tank that had a bunch of panda telescopes. They were in rough shape. A couple were covered in Ich. I was bummed. Then I saw him. A gorgeous white fantail (I think lol). He was in the corner at the back of the tank. I took a close look and he looked amazingly healthy. Beautiful fins, dorsal standing straight up, happy floating an inch off the bottom, no gasping. I immediately told a staff member about the Ich. She slapped the "sick fish" sign on the tank right away. I asked her how long the white guy had been in there. She said he just came in a couple hours before I did. Being the nosey parker I am, I recommended that she get him out of that tank before he got sick too. She actually did AND did a salt dip before he went into the clean tank. My body left the store, but my heart did not:) Right before leaving for Ottawa, my amazingly awesome husband, without saying a word, pulled into the Big Al's and handed me a bucket (I keep one in my trunk, hey, you never know). I popped in to ask if she'd even sell him to me being from the sick tank. She checked him out for any signs of Ich and after seeing zippo, agreed. We made the long trip back. Avoided potholes, turned corners in slow mo. Got him home and eventually into qt. He has been treated for flukes and shown zero sign of illness. Yesterday, he went into a 40 gallon with my little panda telescope who has been all alone in there. Named him Zombie. Zombie seems to be at least partially blind. Unless food smacks him in the face, he has no clue it's there. Quite a good tank mate for my tele. lol I am trying to decide if he is a true albino. Totally white with red eyes. But the red eyes look black at certain angles. I leaned in close to look...and to my shock and amazement, I don't think Zombie has eyes. It looks like you are looking into his head...and possibly out the other eye at certain angles. It's like the clear orb protective part is there, but then it's just a flap of skin with a circle in the middle. I posted a video to Youtube. I, AGAIN, took a vertical video. Sorry about that. It does give you a decent look...into his soul. lol So Guys, is he a true albino? Is he missing eyeballs? I had to feed him to keep him in one spot. lol
  11. My previous calico telescope (RIP) had the same gorgeous tail fin:) Just LOVE the black and orange! Reminds me of the ice cream I always wanted to get at the ice cream store, but my mom would never let me. She said I wouldn't like it. Tiger's Tail?
  12. You must have sent me some "log in" vibes. lol. I just popped over...thanks for the link. *facepalm*
  13. Thanks! So far he's eating like each meal is his last. Hopefully that continues.
  14. once the damage has occurred, I think it is unlikely to reverse even with treatment. My aim with treatment in these situations is to stop the progression, and I think that's the best we can hope for in terms of Steve's mouth, that it does not continue to get worse. Can you get a pic of the white dots? Are they in Steve's tank? Could they be goldfish eggs? Definitely not eggs. These guys spawn every two weeks, so I spend a lot of time dealing with eggs. Lol. It looks like it could be super tiny eggs of some other kind. I'm doing that tank today, so I'll get hubby to take some shots of the siphoning. I am dying for a microscope. If anyone is near Ottawa and wants to come over for a coffee and a scrape, let me know! I have these white specks in one of my tanks, too. I might have them in all my tanks, and only notice it in that tank because it has black gravel. I never really thought much of it, but now I'm curious. I have mostly bare bottom. I noticed it about 3 weeks ago and figured it was detritus from the North Fin food I am trying (it is almost white) and did an extra water change. It was when I started siphoning that I got a close look. Definitely not detritus. I really want to know what it is. Do you have a photo of your specks? Lol
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