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  1. oh dear.. I hope things are getting better.. Just hang on.. you will be alright..
  2. the most perfect water quality does not lies with the most expensive equipment.. it is about how you circulate the water cycle and making it as close to nature as possible.. The best option is to live by a running river (or at least a pond with lots of vegetation) where natural water resource is available.. where you can build an outlet leading to the river or pond and an inlet leading from pond or river to a filter before going into your main tank.. this way, you can have unlimited supply of clean water 24hrs a day!! if no river or pond is available, the next scenario you can simulate is to setup a water plant tank where it is used to clean up all nitrate coming from your main tank before passing clean water back to your main tank.. a good water plant tank need not be tall or big.. it is good enough if it is loooong.. where water goes in from one end, and gets clean up when it reaches the other end where it is ready to go back into the main tank.. Using a long tank is to simulate a river.. having one end slightly tilted, and allow the water to flow from the higher end to the lower end.. where the tank is fully planted, and receiving good supply of natural sunlight or electrical lighting..
  3. crushed egg shell worked to certain degree, but how do you get them to sink is one problem... in fact several things that can be Buffer, things like bones, teeth, shell, etc.. but still, coral and shell are more appropriate.. I know the picture is rather hard to see.. no choice, has to be at its lowest resolution to keep the file size small in order for me to upload it here..
  4. if you have good supply of fresh air bubbles, it will help in such crissis too.. as PH drop, fishes will have breathing difficulty too.. so good supply of air is important.. it helps to maintain your fish as well as your bacteria colony.. most of the time, it is the death of bateria colony that will wipe out the entire tank or pond.. saw my avatar?? The picture I am using?? funny thing is that noone ever questioned me what is that picture.. that picture actually is a picture of dead koi.. the whole load of them from a pond that died over night when PH was not closely monitored..
  5. daryl did put up a very valid point.. any small pebbles or even surface will cause the tank to crack as time goes by.. that's why it is a good practise to rest tank over a layer of foam or at least an even layer of towel or at least news paper.. but will be safer to use foam if the tank is used for keeping fishes and towel/papers for storing.. how's the fishes coming along now?? hope Gareth is getting better too.. Mary, thx.
  6. I am not very good with plant names, so I dun know what kind of plant is what.. my only advise is to becareful of what plant you may have, as some plant (like one of mine) has rather hard stem.. And the stem can be rather sharp after the fishes have nibbled off the leaves.. these stem can be hazardous to the fishes.. and also have a habit to remove any loose leave.. to prevent them choking up the filter or rot in the tank.. rotting leaves contributes to ammonia level too.. and will invite insects, etc.. gross -
  7. with proper care, even such fish can survive for a long time.. but dun expect him to live as long as the others though..
  8. I have got a fish, borned with intestine problem.. his stomach is slightly bulging on one side.. and he is one stunt fish who often flip and stay afloat.. such cases is hard to say, it depends on what's the actual problem.. it could be some deadly disease or merely extra sensitive fish.. but for my fish, he is more sensitive than the others but he has been with me for nearly 2 years.. recently, he was attacked or got sucked into the filter (I dun know), but I found him floating yet struggling hard to stay balanced.. he is hospitalised and recovering very quickly with frequent, very frequent, water change with slightly salted water..
  9. congratulation.. most likely your fish is recovering from ammnia burns which leaves temporary black marks for a while.. black marks is sign of healing which only shows when itis recovering.. so probably your fish got burn back then when there is a sudden gush of ammonia which is kept under control by your bacteria colony and so happen your fish is there when the ammonia is released.. not to worry. just investigate the source if possible, otherwise you have to stay alert and start changing the water more frequently.. another thing that may affect is the PH.. if PH has a sudden drop, say 4.5 or 5, the bacteria colony will start hybernating and even die, thus losing the effectiveness to clear ammonia.. so check..
  10. just make sure it is not an open wound.. if pickish or even redish and bleeding in some cases, it would be consider serious.. losing a scale is rather common, and it will grow back so not to worry.. but it does take a while though.. if there is an open wound, jus make sure you keep the water clean by changing frequently and reduce feeding.. add some salt and isolate the fish if there are other fishes in it.. why isolate, becuz the fish may be weaker than before after being injured, thus may not fend for himself as before.. hope this helps
  11. I will publish it with permission from Koko and sell it!! Of course it will include snail, and other fishes discussed in this forum.. frankly speaking, the massive amount of information in this forum indeed sufficient to be documented as an official guide on Goldfishes and other topics.. look, we have discussion covering pond setup, snail, equipment, food, etc etc.. of course, some private picture can only be published with permission from the owner.. good idea..
  12. exactly, crashed better than kill.. if you are sure your fish is poisoned, isolate both fishes and place them in two different bucket.. treat the more serious fish first.. adopt salt dip method to let it purge any unwanted stuff.. for the other fish, add 0.1 - 0.2 % salt and watch over it.. let the tank run bare.. let the carbon in there or even use a new carbon.. the carbon will take care of all "poison", but how long it takes to do the job is uncertain.. But I dun think the so called "poison" in this case isnt that bad, it should be clear after sometime. lastly, you may also want to be very sure it is not the "poison" that affect your fish. there again, salt treatment with frequent water change will treat your fish nicely while you put the carbon into action. hope this helps
  13. PH at 5 is very deadly already.. it starts to destroy your bacteria colony, which means your cycle will crash any moment.. once crashed, ammonia will rise so dramatically and that's the end of all fishes.. and it can happen within minutes.. baking soda is a good solution to raise PH efficiently and quickly.. but it is not a good buffer and PH will fall after sometime.. buffer are like crushed coral or crushed oyster shell.. why crushed?? it is for better effect, and if you are worry about raising the PH too fast, then consider coral and oyster shell as whole (uncrushed).. usually I prefer crushed, as they are easily to managed and can be placed in a used stocking.. then I will place the whole bag into my filter and ensure it is fully soaked.. baking soda should be used with a test kit.. as you add, you check.. and be sure you add bit by bit as baking soda raise PH relatively fast and you dun want to overdo it.. but do take note, the effect of baking soda does not last long.. it is only a temporary solution while you get better buffer like coral or oyster shell.. another good thing to add to your tank is calcium carbonate.. get those pure calcium carbonate pills with no other addictive from local pharmacy.. it is a good ph and kh buffer that helps to retain water hardness which will help to retain ph.. hope this helps
  14. by the way, that's one of the few bugs I witnessed my fish eating.. I believe there are more bugs that were eaten during my absence... well, that's the price to pay when I dun have a tank hood and still having the tank in the balcony.. most of the time it is safe, but there will be once, when a poisonous bug decided to dive into the tank.. if you are really worry, get a hood..
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