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  1. Yes, they seem fine most of the time! I will also add some plants for coverage and water quality, so that should help with the occasional pestering. If anything changes I will consider other options. Thanks for the replies!
  2. I have four long-bodied goldies in a 90 gallon, and they've finally gotten large enough for me to reliably sex them. Well, it turns out I managed to choose 3 males and 1 female. The males often all crowd around her and occasionally harass her, but she seems to be doing mostly okay. She does seem more easily spooked than the others though. I'm just wondering if this imbalanced gender ratio is going to be an issue, and if so, how would I go about fixing it? Thanks!
  3. I'm not sure if it's because I got my python used with my tank and stand setup, but I have a lot of dark algae growing inside the tubing that I can't get rid of. Besides looking unsightly, some of it washes into the tank when I'm filling so I have algae bits floating around in my clean tank water grrrr. I also have to use the faucet outside in the yard to hook the python up, but that's not very inconvenient and let's me use the old tank water to water plants
  4. I've been seeing pictures and videos of goldfish with beautiful, long, full, flowy fins and I was wondering how to raise goldfish with such nice fins. Is it all in genetics? Or does care play a part? Is there anything particular that can be done to encourage nice fin growth? Also, is there a size/age that goldfish begin growing out their fins? I've noticed that most small and young goldfish lack that full finnage larger adults have.
  5. He couldn't be a snakehead could he?? http://massbay.mit.edu/exoticspecies/seafood/snakehead.jpg
  6. Thanks for all the replys! I ended up getting 4 goldfish for the tank: 2 shubunkins, a watonai/fantail (not sure what he is exactly), and a sarasa comet. The two shubunkins and watonai/fantail are around 2 inches, and the sarasa comet is about 1.5 inches. I'll upload pics soon!
  7. I found this little beauty mislabeled in the "Shubunkin" tank, and at first glance I thought he was a watonai, but after reading around a bit and seeing some pictures of long-bodied fantails, I'm not too sure. Aren watonai pretty much long-bodied fantails? He had a bent dorsal fin in the petstore, but the baffling part is that he seems to be missing his anal fin? What is this guy?? Sorry for the blurriness, he doesn't like staying still!
  8. Oh I meant the orange common goldfish (hibuna?). It's mostly just personal preference, I like the movement of having a few more fish. Three goldfish (even larger ones) feels a little...empty, at least to me. It's probably because I used to keep tropical fish, so I'm used to seeing communities of fish and more fish in general in an aquarium. And out of curiosity, why do you say 90 gallons can only hold 2 and *maybe* 3 adult comets/shubunkins? I was under the impression that single-tailed goldfish do not in fact produce more waste than fancies?
  9. Yep! Though I'm more thinking of comets and shubunkins and less of the feeder goldfish.
  10. I have a 90 gallon aquarium that I hope to stock with long-bodied goldfish (just because I prefer their activeness and appearance over fancies). I've heard that long-bodied goldfish are better suited in ponds, but after reading around on this forum it seems that's not necessarily the case. Something about body volume contributing to more waste and fancies being actually "larger" in terms of volume since they're round. So according to stocking guidelines of 20-25 gallons per fish, my 90 gallon can probably hold 4 fully grown long-bodied goldies. However, I'd prefer to have more fish in a large tank than just 4, but any more goldfish would be overstocked. Therefore I was thinking of cutting back a goldfish to a total of 3 long-bodied goldies and adding a school of rosy reds (those other feeder fish at the store next to the poor baby goldies), probably 8 or so. Rosy reds don't grow larger than about 2 inches, are fast enough to avoid being goldfish food when they get big, and are compatible according to a list of compatible fish somewhere on this forum. The tank will be filtered at a total of around 1250gph with two Rena xp3s, a large hang on back, and a good-sized in-tank sponge/powerhead pump. Does this sound like a good plan to you guys? Any suggestions? Thanks!
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