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  1. Anyone near martinsburg, wv? Looking to rehome 4 fish... http://martinsburg.craigslist.org/pet/4000329399.html
  2. they usually come in on live rock from florida... I had a hairy crab like that come in on mine one time... he chilled in a little crevice on a rock and never bothered anyone, i was shocked... I almost banished him to my sump but didn't because he was so friendly to everything. haha
  3. probably keep them in the tank like the other ones... this is the third generation so far
  4. oscars are boring. hey I have another random question: i have a shubunkin and it's black and orange, looks amazing... will it lose it's color and get covered over with white with the pattern behind it like my other one, or can shubunkins vary in color?
  5. Ok I'm getting the bug to get a big freshwater fish... there's got to be something out there compatible with goldfish that's big (not a pleco)??? I've got a 120 gallon so space isn't a problem. I know there's peacock bass and big cichlids and all that but I know they won't work and I'm not sure if there's anything else... or maybe some kind of unique oddball... i dunno... ::i realize goldies SHOULD be housed alone but I've housed them with all kinds of tropicals in the past with no issues::
  6. https://plus.google.com/photos/105487691178942874763/albums/5910937272474045793/5910937270608742530?pid=5910937270608742530&oid=105487691178942874763 my little dwarf albino bristlenose plecos had babies I counted 5 but there's probably more they're so tiny!
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