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  1. Great answeres thanks guys! I'm going to try the baby sterilizing fluid first..if its safe for baby its safe for fish right! I do have the overhead light on all day so I will reduce that and maybe try a plant or 2. I have heard of the bleach thing but i'm scared to use it..is it safe. I know you are not supposed to put soap or detergent near fish so would bleach be okay.
  2. Can anyone help?? I have so much algae on my plastic plants...is there anything I can do besides scrubbing??? I don't have a dishwasher!
  3. Wow..you guys are super friendly, thanks!!! My fantail is about 21/2 inches from nose to base of tail. Fins extra!! My tank is 20" high x 12" wide x 22" long and I have a fluval U3 filter on it. I do regular weekly water changes..changing about 50% of the water!!
  4. My fantail goldfish is in a 30 gl. tank by its self. My fish is 5yrs old. Can I add one more fantail to the tank or not..I've had mixed answers on this subject..please help!!!
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