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  1. Thanks for the sympathy everyone, it does help. Part of the reason I'm getting discouraged is the ridicule I'm getting here at work. I don't want to make that sound like I'm being bullied or anything - we are a very small workplace and it's more like a family, really. But everyone else here is a sceptic to all the new techniques I've been learning ("I've had two fish is a tank a third of the size of that one, and they've been going for 4 years!" is the sort of thing I'm hearing (and true, I have to admit)) and the prevailing opinion seems to be that I'm actually causing this to happen by over-managing it. I don't believe that, but it's a hard position to maintain when the last two fish I've had each lasted less than two weeks, and the one before lived for a few years in a bowl then died shortly after being put in this tank! Is there any chance there could be some truth behind the tank of death nickname - i.e. that the tank I have is somehow killing them itself? It is a product that is manufactured in China by a Chinese company, though presumably it still has to meet Australian standards. Is there any reason why an all-in-one tank like this one (built-in filter, attached hood with built-in light) is less suitable for fish keeping?
  2. Thank you for all the help. I don't know how I feel about getting another fish yet (although I had already decided to still go and get the medication, if that says anything). I am very discouraged by the tank of death at the moment. I didn't realise that people quarantine all fish - I have seen it mentioned before but I figured it was just for fish being introduced into a tank that had other fish already. Maybe that would make a difference. Do you have to have a second tank for quarantining, or if you only have the one fish could you do it in the main tank?
  3. Thanks for that recipe, though it's looking less and less likely that he will live long enough to eat any of it. The vet has rung back and I can go and pick up the Metronidazole at 11.00, but I don't know if he is even going to make it until then.....
  4. I don't know if he's going to be able to eat, even if I do get the meds and make the gel food in time. He has been listing for a while now, not really able to swim at all this morning, and has just ended up completely on his side
  5. Thanks 4prettyfish Helen, no not yet - I am just waiting for the vet to call me back and confirm whether they will sell me some without examining the sick animal! How do you usually get your hands on it - I presume nobody actually takes their fish to the vet?
  6. I'm just looking to see if I can find a medicated gel food recipe - a site search of Koko's doesn't seem to turn one up? Can I just go ahead and Google for it, or is there one that you guys would consider to be recommended?
  7. Ha no - I am already in paroxysms of guilt over having inadvertently made it worse. Though I'm hoping the fact that I didn't kill him is an indication that he is pretty tough and therefore might pull through!
  8. Yep, got the salt dip thing. I only did the dip before because I didn't know it was bad for him in this case. I didn't think there was an expiry on the Epsom salt, but on closer examination I see it's kind of stamped into the box. Seems to be January 2013, which I guess answers that question.
  9. OK, I'm happy to be imagining the eyes. He is a very poor little guy. Since he's still alive I have hope, though. Also on the win side of things is that even though I work for the same place all the time, I am technically self employed - so no one can say anything to me if I choose to go off in the middle of the day to make medicated gel food
  10. Just nipped him out (in a tub this time - well, a jug actually, but a big one) for some more photography. This last one probably gives the best idea of everything, despite the reflection. I think his eyes seem more protuberant in comparison to yesterday's photography, but I don't know if I am making that up or not.
  11. OK so step one is achieved, in that he is still alive this morning. I'm sort of relieved, but he is worse than ever - pineconing a bit more and hanging at the surface looking very very sad indeed. It's a bit hard to tell but I think he might be starting to get pop eye as well. No salt in the water, I took him out to do the salt dip. That was just in sea salt, 100% salt without any additives or anything. I have some Epsom salt but I will have to wait another hour and half at least for the shops to open so I can see about the vet and pet store. Also the Epsom salt has been opened already and I'm not sure how old it is - should I get a fresh box?
  12. I might see if I can get to the vet tomorrow when they open then - is it a common thing that most vets would have? And once I have it, then I have to make it into gel food, is that right? Also given that there's just the one fish, would I move him out of the tank? I don't actually have another tank I could put him in, but this one has the plants and snail - should I take those things out?
  13. An instructional video on pea preparation... I should've known there would be such a thing! Thank you, internet I don't know about the Metronidazole or Flagyl (are they the same thing?), they sound like they would be controlled substances?
  14. Oh, re: the ramshorn snails - I would actually prefer not to have them, they were hitchhikers on the plants and I just can't get rid of them. I did try lettuce baiting back before I got the golden apple snail, and not a one was interested, apparently! I was surprised as I've had snails before and they went nuts for lettuce. I don't really know what else to do. I have seen you can get snail killing solutions but that's not really for me, let alone that I now have my apple snail to consider.
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