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  1. Great pics! I love the calico oranda, but they're all beautiful.
  2. Both are beautiful fish. I'm a big fan of both blue and calico orandas so I'm quite jealous. Best of luck with them!
  3. Super cute! That's one I'd like to steal.
  4. Thanks for the nice comments everybody. Max is really a "no fuss" fish. He hoovers up all the food that he can get and just swims around minding his own business.
  5. This is MaxFli - Max for short. I took all of these shots this morning except for the first one. It was taken in Feb 2013 right after I got him. As you can see he's gotten quite a bit bigger in the 2+ years that I've had him. I don't know how much he weighed when I got him; he was really small. I'm sure it was under 10 grams. I weighed him about two weeks ago and he weighed 315 grams.
  6. LabRat99

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    Beautiful tanks and I love the fish! Well done.
  7. Update on a few of these guys. The ryukin with no name I named Telstar. He's now about 6" in length and weighs 268g. Maxfli the pearlscale is still my heaviest fish. He's at 315g now. And Hubble who weighed 9g a little over a year ago weighed 148g this morning!
  8. I've always had a soft spot for Orandas. I bought these two guys at the local PetsMart about a month ago. I haven't had a chocolate Oranda in at least ten years and I thought the orange one had really nice body shape and finnage. The goal here is to raise these two hoping at least one is female and then breed them with my calico telescope.
  9. Thanks. I'm not too happy with those pictures. I'm trying something different and it's not working like I want it too. On the plus side, they are fairly sharp and the color is good so it's not all bad. The fish (haven't named it/don't know the sex yet) is right at three inches body length. About five nose to tail.
  10. The babies are about seven weeks old now, I thought I'd post a few pics. They seem to be doing great; they're growing nicely. They are getting Hikari baby pellets exclusively now. I can't wait for these guys to get big!
  11. Plus one more of Hubble. This isn't a good photo but it is a good representation of how he really looks color-wise. I thought in the pictures above his coloring looks washed out.
  12. Hubble's babies... seven weeks old. I've got a thread about this year's spawning over in the breeding section but I thought some of you might like to see them here too.
  13. Both parents are shubunkins that I got a couple of years ago at PetsMart. I'll try to post a pic of the parents if I can find a decent one. Out of last years spawn there were calicos, mattes and mettallics which is what I thought was normal for offspring of two calico fish. Is that not right? One interesting thing I noticed was that all the metallic ones turned out wild colored. No orange ones at all.
  14. Thanks to all of you for the nice comments.
  15. HaHa, good point. Both parents are shubunkins so I've been calling all the babies shubunkins whether they were calico or not.
  16. This is one of last year's shubunkins. He's one of way too many I kept. I really like his matte coloring though.
  17. Here's Norman, He's a Moor whose eyes never quite telescoped.
  18. Great shots. Very nice fish and a beautiful tank.
  19. I haven't posted anything about this year's babies in almost three weeks because I kept thinking I'd take some pictures. I haven't been able to make time for pictures yet but I'll take some as soon as I can. As for the babies, they are doing great. The three double tail ones are all around an inch long or maybe a little longer. They have fat little ryukin bodies and the two calico ones definitely are telescopes. They all have really nice finnage too. I'm really excited about these three fish! The shubunkins that I kept this year are looking much better than last year's crop too. They are starting to color up and look like their Mom and Pop. I've got nine of them, so I'm planning on raising an even dozen babies total this year. Right now I've got them all in a ten gallon aquarium with two sponge filters and a nano HOB filter. For the first month when they were all in tubs I fed them brine shrimp twice a day. When I moved them to the auarium I started supplementing the brine shrimp with ground up Hikari pellets. About a week ago I dropped the morning brine shimp feeding and started feeding them ground pellets in the morning along with brine shrimp in the evening. This past weekend, I dropped the ground pellets and switched them to Hikari baby pellets twice a day and brine shrimp in the evening. In a couple of more days I'm gonna finish the brine shrimp, and from then on they'll be exclusively on the baby Hikari pellets. All in all, this year's breeding season has gone really well. Soon, it will be time to pack up the breeding supplies and put them away til next Spring.
  20. Awesome fish! Love the calicos!
  21. Thanks. The name seemed to fit him. Actually, he spawned this Spring with Satsuma, the orange ryukin in the background of some of the pics above. I didn't catch the spawning soon enough though and when I saw it had occurred, all the fish were busy eating eggs. I pulled the spawning mop that was in the tank out and assumed there would still be quite a few eggs in it. I only got three! I couldn't believe they were that thorough at eating them up. Anyway, I've got two calico and one solid color fry that have little ryukin bodies and telesope eyes. They have nice finnage too. I'm really excited about them.
  22. Beautiful, all of them! I have to say though that calico orandas are my favorites and yours is a great one. I'm big-time jealous!
  23. I've been keeping goldfish off and on for thirty years, so my expenses over that time would run well into the thousands. I've got no regrets about the money - I would have spent it on something else anyway. The only regrets I have about the hobby are the times I gave it up. Something would happen, a favorite fish would die or I'd decide fishkeeping was too much work. The last time a hurricane wiped me out. My advice is to buy equipment used when you can. You can save a ton of money that way.
  24. The easiest way to feed them is to use crushed pellets and I've found that a pepper mill is just about perfect for grinding pellets up. the problem I see is that you have them in a tank with a gravel bottom. Is that right? Some if not all of the crushed pellets are going to sink to the bottom and not get eaten. If you want to try and raise them, I''l be happy to outline how I do it for you. My routine takes about 15-30 minutes each day, but that includes feeding the fry brine shrimp, and cleaning and refilling the brine shrimp hatchery. If you just went with ground up pellets, 5 - 10 minutes a day would cover it.
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