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  1. I am just a lowly computer programmer who likes goldfish & asserting conclusions based on small/dubious sample sizes :') That's good info to know for the commons. I've been poking around aquaponics papers to try and glean their size data on common goldfish and knowing the 25% guideline will help a lot in calculating body length. I feel like I'm just not looking in the right places... big-name goldfish breeders take their craft so seriously that I'd expect there to be absolutely exhaustive data on length/mass.
  2. You're right about the unclear lengths. I went back and separated out the data based on people who actually said they measured the body (or whose measurements I could confirm) vs. those who were unclear. Now the spreadsheet has an option to sort the data based on accuracy. Surprisingly, the overall 'Fancy' and 'Single Tail' charts aren't that different even with the accuracy sorting, though the individual breeds certainly are. Thanks for the other threads and the suggestions for combining breeds! I added a few more entries and combined a few breeds together. Thanks so much!
  3. Sorry to necro - I know Tithra talked a lot about the spreadsheet they were compiling based on this thread but... I could not find it anywhere. So, instead of doing a more thorough search or sending a PM, I just went ahead and compiled my own version out of curiosity: Goldfish Lengths and Weights Spreadsheet Give it a second to load, then click the dropdown on the upper left and select a breed/type. Even with the limited data, the results are pretty interesting. Feel free to add your own measurements to the 'All Data' sheet, and please let me know if you see any obviously bungled equations (it's late and I have a cold; my math skills are not their greatest right now). (Note: I excluded some people's data because the breed/length/weight were unclear or not included. Also, Lionheads and Lionchus were labeled 'Ranchu' because the breeds are so similar + there wasn't enough data between the three breeds to warrant separate categories.) (Also, please let me know if Tithra did indeed publish their spreadsheet so I can feel silly + see their more in-depth breakdowns.)
  4. Hey all... unfortunately, this thread has an unhappy ending. Clementine had been doing GREAT. Her ich had been gone for over a week so I gradually tapered off the salt. She got done with her antibiotics too. Her fins seemed to be regrowing a little bit. This last week, I started a new full-time job, so I was just quickly changing out out her water each morning and tossing some pellets in before I ran out the door, then collapsing into bed when I got home. I noticed she'd been less active since I took her off the antibiotics but was so distracted by life that I didn't pay as much attention as I should have. Over the last few days, I noticed that she was not eating all of her food, but wasn't sure what to do about it besides keeping her water clean. Yesterday, I noticed that she was hanging out at the top of the tank listlessly, and by the evening, I was starting to see pineconing. I added Epsom salts and went to sleep with a heavy heart, and this morning I came in to find that she had passed away. Testing showed no ammonia, nitrites, or nitrates (seems normal for daily 100% WCs) and the same PH as it'd always been (7.4). Her eyes seemed sunken towards the end, and her gills were very red. After she passed, I took a peek under her gill covers and her gills looked almost spikey... lots of rays with the tissue between them sunken away. It was all very sudden but I feel like if I'd been more attentive I might have been able to do something sooner. Maybe I didn't properly temperature-match her water in all the rush this last week and shocked her already-stressed system? Maybe she needed to be on antibiotics longer? Maybe if I'd posted about it here yesterday or the day before someone might have been able to suggest something that could have saved her? Thank you so much to everyone who gave their time and effort to try and help her. She was a wonderful fish and I'm so heartbroken that she died this young.
  5. This is what her time with me has looked like so far: 5/23/15 - 0.3% salt 5/24/15 - 50% WC, 0.3% salt 5/25/15 - 100% WC, 0.3% salt, double dose of Prazi 5/26/15 - 100% WC, 0.3% salt, normal dose of Prazi, 1.5% salt dip (30 seconds), 2 measures Kanaplex, 1 package furan 2 5/27/15 - 100% WC, 0.3% salt, double dose of Prazi, 1.5% salt dip, 2 measures Kanaplex, 1 package furan 2 5/28/15 - 100% WC, 0.3% salt, double dose of Prazi, 1.5% salt dip, 2 measures Kanaplex, 1 package furan 2 5/29/15 - 100% WC, 0.3% salt, double dose of Prazi, 1.5% salt dip, 2 measures Kanaplex, 1 package furan 2 5/30/15 - 100% WC, 0.3% salt, double dose of Prazi, 1.8% salt dip, 2 measures Kanaplex, 1 package furan 2 6/1/15 - Wasn't feeling well this day and slept for 16 hours... didn't get her water changed or salt dip done or anything. 6/2/15 - 100% WC, 0.3% salt, double dose of Prazi, 2.0% salt dip, 2 measures Kanaplex, 1 package furan 2 I'm changing out 100% of the water daily so I'm just... replacing the prazi after the water changes; is this the correct thing to do?? How do you complete a 'round' of prazi when the water's constantly getting switched out?
  6. Keeping this thread updated... I continue to go through salt at an astonishing rate and Clementine continues to look better and better. Her ich appears to have entirely vanished but I'll keep her on 0.3% salt for a week as advised. I increased the daily salt dips to 2%--she has to wiggle quite a bit to stay upright, but she makes the effort. I... don't know what to think about her fins? They're short where they 'disintegrated' but the edges seem clean and not ragged and even with photographs it's hard for me to tell if they've gotten any shorter in the last few days or if the disintegration has been stopped. She's still on Furan 2 and Kanaplex as of right now and I'm not exactly sure when to stop these medications. Thank you again, everyone.
  7. Well, the ich has vanished again aside from a few spots on her wen! (The 'speckles' in this picture are just air bubbles on the tank wall from the water change.) Talk about a drastic change. There even seems to be a small amount of fin regrowth! Also, you can't see it in this photo since she was busy nyooming everywhere, but she's had her dorsal raised up almost all day. Um, also, I may have accidentally given her a 1.8% salt dip instead of a 1.5% today. Used some tank water for the dip and forgot to account for the salt already in there. But she had absolutely no problems staying upright.
  8. Yes, she's been at 0.3% salt this whole time. Many thanks to you and the mods. =)
  9. She was much easier to photograph when she wasn't zooming all over the tank nonstop, but I'm glad she's so active. I feel so bad about the ich, though. It definitely looks worse than when I first got her.
  10. Update! I've been doing 100% water changes as advised and I'll keep her on the prazi. Her ich came back with a vengeance this morning - she's covered in white dots, much worse than yesterday. However, yesterday's salt dip she managed to stay upright for just until the end of the one minute, and today she stayed upright the entire time! I'll take a photo of her in a few hours, once she's out of her salt dip isolation bucket. She's getting perkier and livelier every day and it's a wonderful thing to see. :')
  11. Got it! Thanks. I'm dosing Furan 2 and Kanaplex as per the instructions on the packaging (1 package of Furan 2, and two level measures of kana). Her water has been at 0.3% salt for two days now (I started her at 0.1% when I first got her, and raised it up to 0.3% in 12-hour increments in order to combat her ich). I also put in a double dose of PraziPro the day before yesterday. I hesitate to keep using it now that she's on so many other meds, but I decided to add a normal dose of Prazi to her new water yesterday after her salt dip to avoid changing the water parameters too much. Do you think I should decrease the salt and/or stop the Prazi until she's fought off the more serious problems?
  12. Hey everyone! She's doing really well compared to yesterday! a video of her right after she woke up, and one about 30 minutes later. After her salt dip yesterday, she spent the rest of the day swimming around like in the second video which was so encouraging to see. Her dorsal was even raised a little! She didn't bottom sit at all that I know of, even during the night. I can't see a lot of change to her fins compared to yesterday, but they haven't gotten any worse, either. I'm about to go do a WC, clean out the sponge filter, and remove the HOB. In regards to daily 100% water changes - should I readminister the kanaplex immediately after any water change, or still wait two days between doses like it says on the packaging? Do antibiotics like this even linger in the water past the first day or so or do they recommend spacing out the doses to minimize stress to the fish?
  13. Thank you so much, both of you. I've started her on the Furan 2 and Kanaplex. She has been MUCH more active ever since her salt dip--not bottom sitting at all! She still doesn't look healthy, but at least she's swimming/hovering around instead of laying motionless on the bottom of the tank. Most of the really thick patches of slime coat have also come off. I'll let you all know what she looks like in the morning! (RIP biological filtration on the QT filter... it was nice knowing you)
  14. Haha, beat you to it. =) Edit: Oh my god, she took a HUGE dump in the holding tank! I see why a separate tank was recommended now!
  15. Sorry for double posting, but I also got a photo of her poo. This is from today after eating some New Life Spectrum Algaemax pellets: Her poop was floating on the first day, but has been sinking ever since. She seems to produce less poop than would be expected for the amount she's eaten... though maybe it's just getting sucked into the HOB before I notice it.
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