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  1. Nice fish and nice pictures. Helen, out of curiosity how big is your tank?
  2. My only worry is that there may have been fertilizer in the dirt they came in and it will like leech back into the tank or something, is that a valid concern?
  3. So I decided I would try to put the roots of some pothos in my tank to help keep nitrates down between water changes and also because I like the look of it. I went to lowes and found golden pothos, this will work right? Or do I need just pothos? My understanding is that I just need to tank the roots out from the dirt and wash them? Do I need to worry about there being some sort of fertilizer in the soil or something?
  4. How bout going barebottom and painting the bottom with textured spray paint to make it look like sand? That's what I did on my 120 and it looks just like sand but easier to keep clean.
  5. Thank you! Thanks for the kind words, the male is a blue spotted snakeskin, and the female is an Albino red spotted green. The fry will be albino intermediate which means they won't be albinos but carry the albino gene. Thanks! Thank you! I find that they look even magnificent when they are in a big display tank. Thanks Heidi!
  6. You can find pothos at Home Depot or lowes, they aren't that expensive...I got mine for around $5. It might be cheaper to get one local instead of paying shipping.
  7. Pretty sure this is one is the mom: Pretty sure one this the is dad: This pair formed in my display tank. Caught them shimmying and pecking at the cone and an hour or so later there was eggs. They ate their eggs on the 2nd day. I hope they will get it right soon. Anyways just thought id share.
  8. Good to know! I was having trouble finding it on Amazon anyway and was going to ask about the Hikari brand one. Found the Kanaplex though, as long as this is the right one... http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00ILL7ZF8/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_img?_encoding=UTF8&colid=3L1GY956MBQ8L&coliid=I1U57ZYD8T5EO1 Forgive my ignorance, what's a sponge filter, and could you name some brands so I know what I'm looking for? (Taken from google) http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B0002602SC/ref=pd_aw_sims_10?pi=SL500_SS115 Or you could go with something smaller depending on size of tank. I use the 80 gallon ones for my 37 and I have used it in a 20.
  9. What I would do Is get a small circulation pump and put it on a timer to come on a few hrs each day, make sure it's pointed at the dead corner. Something like this http://www.marinedepot.com/Hydor_Koralia_Nano_Circulation_Pump_Powerhead_Fixed_Flow_Aquarium_Powerheads-Hydor_USA-HD00715-FIPHFF-vi.html Or you could buy the next size up (600 gph) Good luck
  10. So would a gravel cap be a better choice? Thanks for the responses everyone!
  11. Is it a bad idea to have dirt capped with pool filter sand in a goldfish tank? Thinking about miracle grow organic choice potting mix because I am moving my fish to a bigger tank. Also will the goldfish make the tank a muddy mess?? Does dirt leech ammonia and do I need to do anything special to clean it? Thanks
  12. You can just dose less of it. It doesn't have to be exact, I think that one teaspoon treats 200 gallons (don't quote me on that) so for a 50 gallon tank just dose 1/4 a teaspoon (or a little under 1/2 a teaspoon). The smaller containers of safe come with a 100 mg scoop I think.
  13. Seachem safe It's a more concentrated version of prime. It's what I use and have used for the past 8 months. http://www.kensfish.com/aquarium-supplies/water-treatments/seachem-safe-1-kilo.html
  14. I age my water for my discus because my water has a slight ph swing after being aged. What I do is I have a 64 gallon trash bin and I just throw a couple of Airstones in there and age for 12-24 hours. You can add the safe or prime directly to ur tank when filling instead of to the barrel overnight because the chlorine will help keep your aging barrel clean. If you think your will forget just add the declor to the barrel but IME a nasty slime will build up and it's a pain to clean. What's your reason to age?
  15. Nice snails. I had a mystery snail that would eat flakes and pellets off the surface. He was an orange on named Gary. I think I have a picture of him doing it some where.
  16. Do you know if you have to pay an admission cost to get in, and if so do you buy it in advance? Thanks
  17. Thanks for the advice if you don't mind me asking, why wouldn't you use the plastic bio balls? I thought these were meant to be good? :/ http://www.swisstropicals.com/library/swisstropicals-poret-foam/ There is a chart of different media near the bottom/middle of page
  18. Thank you! The calico I got from Petsmart, and the white from DO. Petsmart?!!!? I guess I must have the lamest petsmart ever then..
  19. Nice pics, nice fish. Where did you get the ryukins?
  20. Very nice! I really like puff..where is moon, don't see in vid?
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