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  1. Like balloons in the wind. I think it's time to think about a move. No room in your tanks?
  2. Below says it all... I remember you saying Tropiquarium isn't that far from you, or maybe it was far for you? I haven't made that trip in awhile. Might be time depending on responses. Or you'll be getting 6... Free this weekend?
  3. Not sure where to put this. So if it's in the wrong section I apologize. Ordering a batch unseen is always a gamble, and I'm very particular when deciding which fish stay in the tank. I'm going to be ordering the below ebay batch to see what I get, possibly two batches. If anything, I will most likely keep 2. I want to make sure I have homes for the rest before I place the order. I'm driving daily around the entire state for work, so I don't mind driving to meet you if you'd like one or more. Please let me know if interested. These will be completely free. Just let me know the size of your current set up so I know they are going to a good home. http://www.ebay.com/itm/6-pack-2-inch-Pearlscale-mixed-Fancy-Goldfish-Live-Koi-Pond-Fish-tank-aquarium/271612932357?_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851&_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIC.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20131003132420%26meid%3D17ef4758d173448bb05462c0812b872e%26pid%3D100005%26prg%3D20131003132420%26rk%3D4%26rkt%3D6%26sd%3D261600295254&rt=nc
  4. Size of the tank/number of fish? Like everyone else said, if you had a good weekly routine that was working keep at it. You can also tell by the smell/clarity of the water if you know how it looks/smells right after a water change and the day after. If you know you are going to be feeding heavily for some growth, regardless of test kit readings a change is always in order the following day. Sometimes I change my water every day/other day, sometimes it's twice/three times a week. All depends on how I'm feeding and how the water is looking.
  5. He's about 3 inches not including tail. Probably about the same around I haven't measured or weighed him in a little bit. In the second video he's in my hand and takes up the center of my palm. I wear size large gloves if that gives you an idea. They've definitely grown a lot quicker now that they are in the 80. I can feed more/more frequently without having to change the water five minutes later. Forgot to link the second video over the weekend. So I'll get that done tonight.
  6. I have the video up on the videos section. There's a full tank video as well, but I haven't been able to link it from work. Plenty more to see there.
  7. Second video is up. I can't link it from work though. I'll embed it in a post later. I grabbed the biggest ones for size comparisons in my hands. Let me know what you guys think.
  8. Thank you all. Video will be up shortly. Mr.B they are golden white cloud minnows.
  9. Took a quick video of the 80g during a water change. I'll have a better one up tonight. 6 month update after moving them in to the 80g from a 20 long.
  10. Just a quick pic until I get the video up. It was during a water change so the waters a bit cloudy.
  11. Very nice coloration, doesn't look like a crowned though. Could you possibly get a good pic top down?
  12. I'll have to see if I can find the battery for my camera later for some good pics when I get home from work. Most people say it's either love/hate with pearl scales. I say after a few days watching them swimming(wriggling) around there is no way to still be on that hate side of the fence. Maybe on the extreme body types, but there's no way to hate a good pearl scale.
  13. This is definitely nice. Makes me question keeping it bare bottom, but I don't think I can ever have a substrate with goldies. It's too easy without one.
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