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  1. Thanks 4prettyfish! I am very excited to get them now! They look like great filters and I'm so excited to be able to put them in my 150:)
  2. Thank you so much for your help! I will do that
  3. That's a great idea but I think I will still get the xp4 and then get two aquaclear 110's that would put me at 1450! Thank you! I was a bit worried because I really wanted to move them but wasn't sure how i was going to do it because all of the hob's I had came across were only 350-400 gph.
  4. I currently have two tanks a 150 Gallon & a 90 Gallon. My goldfish is currently in my 90 Gallon with a rena filstar xp3 and two marineland 350 power filters but I was thinking about moving my goldfish to the 150 Gallon but not sure if the filters I have in mind would be enough GPH. I was going to move the 2 hob 350's and get a new rena xp4 canister which is 450 so thats total 1150 gph for a 150 gallon? too little or would that be enough?
  5. Thanks everyone! I do love him. I love his coloring and I'm happy to know he is an oranda but i would have been just as happy regaurdless. He is in a 90 Gallon with two penguin 350 power filters and a Rena filstar large canister filter:)
  6. Hi just wondering if this is an Oranda. I ordered him from my local fish store and he was suppose to be a 4.5" calico oranda. He doesnt really have a wen and his back fins are super short. Maybe he isnt fully developed? or maybe he isnt an oranda? any help would be great! Thanks
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