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  1. I learned from Solid Gold's video! You just have to be consistent and feed them by hand everyday. My goldie was shy at first but now she nibbles on my hand every time I put my hand in the aquarium
  2. What about Honey Gouramis I think they are so pretty and I've read they are similar to bettas. You could keep one and some snails as well! I've never really studied into them so I'm not to sure, just an idea. Good luck!
  3. Ele

    My tank now :O

    Man I just love the planted aquarium look! The plants, aquarium and fish all look fabulous
  4. Oh my goodness I was at the beach a week ago and we saw baby jellies washed up on the shore and I was wondering what it would be like to have an aquarium of those guys, so beautiful. I saw an episode of tanked once with an aquarium of jellies! However, I would think it may be hard to keep..
  5. The tanks are amazing! I love the lighting it looks so cool, and unique
  6. It looks so good!! I know they will loveee all that swimming room!
  7. I think that chart was the most helpful plant advice I have seen! Saved it to my computer
  8. I hope they do well they are just so cute I also love white fish! My mom doesn't understand why, she says you can see their insides but I find them quite elegant!
  9. Clementine is so pretty! The sizing difference is adorable Good luck with them! I always enjoy watching baby goldies grow!
  10. The black moore looks like he is breathing pretty fast and the only time that has happened to me was when the ammonia built up in the water.. Good luck though! I hope someone with more knowledge comes to the rescue soon!
  11. Okay so I'm going to drain the water out and just fill the new one with new water and an old filter cartridge, thank you all so much for your help! I would be making this a lot harder on myself if it wasn't for all the help! Yall certainly do have a whole ton of knowledge!! and thank you so much for the complement! Surprisingly it isn't a family name for us my dad just randomly named me that
  12. Your Ryukin is so pretty! I think I may do a temporary set up like this while I am putting up my larger aquarium, such a good idea and the goldfish don't seem to mind Sometimes you can find some real beauties at lfs!
  13. All of those pictures look great! I definitely need to try this asap My little fish just moves so darn fast!
  14. Thank you so much for the super quick replies and the warm welcome! That answered all my questions, I just didn't want to kill everything and cause my fish to suffer. I'm off work Tuesday and I can't wait to get it up and running! I will try to post some pictures sometime soon!
  15. Hi my names Eleanor and I am new to this site. I have a question(s) concerning upgrading my aquarium. I have bought a 30 gallon aquarium for my one Ryukin goldfish. She is currently in a 20 and I wanted to give her more space. I also bought a 55/75 Aqueon filter which runs at 400 gph. Anyway, after looking all over the internet I haven't been able to find the answer to my upgrading questions which are: Can I put my new filter on my old aquarium to "prep" it for the new aquarium or will that make all my levels (bacteria, ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, ect.) off? If so could I just soak my new filter cartridges in a bucket of old aquarium water to transfer the beneficial bacteria? I am planning on putting my old water in my new aquarium but my filter cartridges aren't the same size so there isn't really anyway for me to use an old one in my new filter to start the build up of good bacteria. I hope I posted this in the right spot and I hope all of this makes sense! Thank you guys so much!
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