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  1. Yay! Babies are a nice surprise!! Congrats!
  2. I vote pearlscale LOL I am just in love with them
  3. I met my fishy at petco, she was sitting in the corner of the aquarium and had the cutest white face. I knew if I left her there she would probably die so I took her home (an hour drive) and she has really filled out and is one bubbly fish
  4. My goldfish will burp bubbles out (which may not be good) and she yawns which is cute but she makes the derpiest faces LOL!
  5. Well my goldfish is a Ryukin and her name is Nibbles because she nibbles around all the time
  6. I think Petsmart did theirs for their anniversary, I was so surprised and happy because the closest petco to me is an hour away!
  7. Congrats on the new fish! My petco had pearlscales once and then I noticed a sign that said "these fish are currently not being sold, they are under observation" or something like that and so I wasn't able to get one
  8. Same, I just got my 30. I should have just went ahead and got a 40.
  9. I love oscars!! If I had the room I would definitely have one. Princess Peach is adorable
  10. The shot of the catfish is so cute!
  11. I think that topless aquariums look really neat, if I didn't have one i'd probably go without one... unless evaporation got to bad..
  12. Some people just should not work at pet stores. He didn't have to roll his eyes and be so rude, he could have just told you his view on the different filters and then let you decide.
  13. Man I wish I had a pet room!!! I always dreamed that when I own my own home I will designate a whole basement to animals and have a butt ton of aquariums I have two 10 gallon mice aquarium cages (housing one male mouse in each), a 20 gallon, and a 30 gallon (housing my one goldfish, Nibbles)
  14. I have heard near Christmas Petco runs theirs again. I actually went to Petsmarts 2 dollar per gallon sale a few weeks ago (it was for a aquarium and lighted hood) and I got an aquarium. The last aquarium in the size I wanted had a tinyyyy chip on the side and they gave it to me for half of the sale price and told me if it leaked I could get another for that same price. It hasn't leaked yet, so always check out the aquariums to see if there are tiny damages.. that is if you don't mind the little damages because you can get a pretty good discount
  15. I love having none of that junk in my water it comes in handy when filling aquariums I do believe that my filter cartridges have carbon in them so I may not have rinsed enough... I am definitely looking into koi clay! It isn't to expensive for the amount they give you!! Also, well you never can tell! By the time my fish matures to a extremely large size I may have a 100 gallon aquarium haha this hobby certainly is addicting! And I understand all the water quality concerns in relation to tank size there are just SO many different guidelines to stocking a goldfish aquarium.
  16. My water has no chlorine in it because I'm not on city water. I do have some of that just in case i need it for something but I don't feel like adding extra chemicals to my aquarium at this time will be beneficial. I have been wondering about adding some sort of extra bio media to my filter, there is a large empty space where water runs through so maybe if I got some bio media to put in there it will make my water clearer. Also, I haven't quite understood the debate on tank size. I've had my 20 set up for almost a year and have had this one fish, I wasn't especially planning on getting another. However, I understand the 20 for the first fish and 10 for each additional rule to be a widespread idea on this website as well. It all confuses me I guess it comes down to personal choice? Thank you for the idea on what to use for extra filtration!
  17. I enjoy seeing this tank! Your Oscars are absolutely beautiful!
  18. My water is cloudy as well so I'll post my test information as well. I upgraded from a 20 to a 30 gallon and upgraded to a 55/75 aqueon filter which runs at 400 gph. My aquarium is bare bottom with two amazon sword plants. I have one 3 inch Ryukin goldfish. I have had my aquarium up for about a week and it is so cloudy, like grey cloudy and I'm not to sure why. PH: 7.2 Ammonia: .25 ppm Nitrite: 0ppm Nitrate: 20ppm My ammonia has been staying at 0 but it went up for some reason. I don't have a GH and KH kit yet sooo.. I don't have those results. I haven't put any chemicals or additives to the aquarium. Just water and a new setup with an old filter cartridge. Any Ideas?
  19. Your fish are amazing!! The plants look great as well!
  20. I just went to the beach for 5 days a couple of weeks ago and I fed my goldfish plenty before I left and did a large water change and she was fine. However, the only thing I would suggest is that if you do possibly find someone to feed them, get someone responsible because my dad decided he would feed my goldfish because she looked like she was "starving" without my knowledge of him doing so. I came back from the beach with less than half a container of food when I had almost a full container before I left. SO it can be easy for people to mess up, but overall I believe they would be fine with out while you are on vacation.
  21. This helps a lot! Thanks for bringing it to my attention
  22. I vote balloon belly mollies! I am going to put some in my goldfishes old 20 gallon, they are just so cute But as Narny said same sex because they are little baby making machines!
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