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    Food help

    Has anyone tried Mysis Shrimp? I have been feeding my goldfish them (from omega one) for a month and my goldfish seems to like them
  2. I hope your goldie gets well soon!!
  3. I personally would play it safe and use a store bought one.. You had a great idea going though! Maybe they make all plastic clips?
  4. Oh no! Is there no possible way you could treat him?? I hope he gets better!
  5. I have heard of goldfish ponds like this and in flower pots, I have never seen one though and honestly this looks so good! I think you did such a great job!
  6. They are so cuteeeeee I love the shiny patches on the Ranchu!
  7. It's very pretty! I love the natural look it has
  8. Well I think that your aquarium is quite possibly the best super colorful one I have ever seen. I haven't seen anyone else who could pull that look of as well as you attempted. I hope you have good luck while trying to make it safer for your goldies
  9. I think shrimp would be amazing... but both together would be even more amazing!! I really want to keep shrimp at some point in time and I've been a wuss about trying snails.. I've heard tons of horrible snail population growth stories!
  10. Fabulous. I will definitely be getting one in the future
  11. It's a really beautiful piece!! I sure hope the buyer comes through for you!
  12. You have some beautiful fish!! I think your driftwood looks fantastic as well! Wow.
  13. I prefer driftwood in tropical aquariums but sometimes people make it look really good in goldfish tanks. I'm sure your goldies enjoy all the extra room!
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