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  1. Ok! Thank you so much for the quick reply. I'll make sure not to add anything else frozen to my aquarium anymore.. It's only temporary, the air conditioner should be up and running in a couple more days, Also, should I feed her like normal? Or less/more?

  2. So, yesterday my air conditioning system broke! It's so hot in the house and I've tried everything to cool off my aquarium. I've frozen bottles and put them in my aquarium, but they melt so quick. I have even tried fans and the temp. on my thermometer is over 80. Will Nibbles be ok for a couple more days? The water is evaporating like crazy as well. Any suggestions?

  3. Well, I have Yafa Boss Tammy, Boss Lisa, The Stakos, and UnaBuna, in addition to the Things. :rofl

    Boss Lisa is his favorite. :teehee Don't tell the others.

    I guess I just call my fish by their names which aren't all that funny. But my dog has lots of cutesy lil nicknames. :heart

    I'm the same way! I don't have many nicknames for my goldie but my dog has beyond enough lol!

  4. I had a stunted comet goldfish once and she live to be almost 5 years old. I think that the water quality and tank size have to do more with the suffering of a fish because if they aren't adequate then the fish wont live a very pleasant life. If these things are adequate then I believe a stunted goldfish can have a wonderful life as long as no internal injuries were acquired. Just my :twocents

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