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  1. I think it's cool looking.. It's more of a rock arch thing than a cave so I think it would be fine for the goldfish, I am not to sure about sealing it though..
  2. I actually always use a little ammonia when first cycling my aquariums It works really well!
  3. He is gorgeous! I love his coloring! I wish you luck with him
  4. I think it would be a great deal! I'm sure your goldies would enjoy it
  5. Ele

    The 75 gallon

    It looks awesome! I can't wait for more pics
  6. OOoooo it looks so sleek and modern! I love the reflectiveness of the stand!
  7. Boss Lisa is his favorite. Don't tell the others. I guess I just call my fish by their names which aren't all that funny. But my dog has lots of cutesy lil nicknames. I'm the same way! I don't have many nicknames for my goldie but my dog has beyond enough lol!
  8. I had a stunted comet goldfish once and she live to be almost 5 years old. I think that the water quality and tank size have to do more with the suffering of a fish because if they aren't adequate then the fish wont live a very pleasant life. If these things are adequate then I believe a stunted goldfish can have a wonderful life as long as no internal injuries were acquired. Just my
  9. I feel like genetics do play a large role in how a goldies fins develop but as some said above, they do grow as the fish ages. I love broad tail ryukins, they have such pretty finnage
  10. I would love to see some pictures too!
  11. Yay new fish! I hope they stay well for ya!
  12. They are so pretty! The mouths they have are huge! They look so happy
  13. I can't wait to see pictures of this tank! I'm trying to get ideas for my 20. It's hard to decide what to put into them!
  14. It looks very nice! Gorgeous betta too!
  15. They are huge!!!!! And your tank and fish are beautiful
  16. Definitely keep us updated! I hope your goldie gets all better quick
  17. It looks really good! I really think black stands look nice
  18. They are so pretty! Where did you get them?
  19. I really like danios, I think their schooling is so pretty!
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