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  1. My fish has had one of those on her tail for a long time!! I thought maybe it was just part of her, I'm super curious to hear what it actually is so I can fix it.

    I'd encourage you to start a diagnosis thread if you are concerned ;) Spots on the tail could be bacterial, flukes, or even just the way the fin is formed (if there are small bumps/ridges in the fin). Cottony/fuzzy looking spots would be something you'd want investigate further. If you start a thread, post some pics of the spots :)

    Ok! I'll try to get some pictures in a couple of days. I hope it isn't anything major but I've never used prazi or anything on her... I've had her for 6 months and it has been there that long.. sometimes it raises up and sometimes it seems to go away..

  2. I got my first goldfish was when I was around 7, I got two, they were comets (Goldie and Spot), and I kept them for a day in a bowl and they died. Then I got a betta and it lived for 4 years in a bowl and then I got four more goldfish when the betta died and kept them in one bowl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Big Red, Princess, Mr. FIshy, Prince) . All of them comets and all in one tiny bowl. Two died the second year and I got two more (Bubbles and Jaws) and another fish bowl (so there were two goldfish per bowl) and I accidentally put hot water in one bowl and killed them both and then one of my others died so I was left with one goldfish (Big Red). That is when I finally found out about their tank requirements. I'm not even gonna lie, I had a goldfish in a bowl up until last year when I set up my first aquarium and tried to put him in and it shocked him and he died :yikes . He was almost 4 years old.

    I think that I may have the worst fish keeping story out there :( and I feel like I just wrote a novel on my fish keeping experience, sorry about that. Anyway, the first fish that really got me into CORRECT fish keeping was Big Red. And I can gladly say that I have one goldfish in a 30 gallon aquarium right now. No more overstocking

  3. When I was around 8 I actually kept two goldfish (comets) in a fish bowl for 3 years and they died because I accidentally put hot water in the bowl (I filled it straight from the tap). I'm really glad you posted, we all learn our lesson in proper fish care some way.. Just sometimes it's the hard way.

  4. 80 degrees is fine for goldfish. They probably are hungrier than usual because their metabolism is faster when it's warmer. If you don't have an airstone in your tank, now is a good time to add one since warm water holds less oxygen.

    Should I leave the top off? Would that help cool it as well?

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